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14 Valentine’s Day Self-Gifts To Boost Your Mood

Spoil the person that deserves it most: You

A sea of heart-shaped chocolates, rose bouquets in abundance and lingerie on full display can only mean one thing: February 14th is upon us. Sure, these romantic gestures can be heartfelt (sometimes), but can often be attached to pressures or expectations that are unwelcome. 

What if he buys you a sexy matching set that doesn’t quite fit? She gifted you low-cal chocolate—what’s that supposed to mean? And this lube smells like liquorice… do they really expect you to use that down there

Take a step back, and make you your #1 on the day of love. After all, the best kind of romance is falling in love with yourself first. It’s really been a season of exploration—or sexploration, if you will—according to Hinge’s Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science. “Singles are having sex less frequently but exploring their deepest sexual desires more often. Because of the pandemic, many people spent more time alone, looking inward, and tapping into their imagination. They’ve gotten more in touch with who they are and what they want.”

No matter how you’re celebrating VDay, use it as an excuse to get to know what flicks your switch; whether it’s between the sheets, in your mirror’s reflection, under the showerhead or within your own mind.

Comfortable, attached or still looking for your perfect match, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be about showering others with gifts and affection. Shake your pom-poms and be your own biggest cheerleader with these self-gifts to get you in the mood, or just feel really bloomin’ fantastic.

Soak Infusion - Rose + Lavender Flower

Price: $24.95

Get soaking wet and turn up the love with a luxurious bath soak containing actual roase and lavender flowers and magnesium. It’s also adorned with a beautiful reminder that you are “worthy of all the love and kindness you truly deserve”.

Available from Adore Beauty for $24.95

Cryo Ice Sticks

Price: $167.00

Feb 14 can be a rough ride if you’re doing it alone, and sometimes, it shows on our faces. Roll back your shoulders, unclench your fists and massage your jaw with one of these cryo wands: it’s an instant mood boost, with skin-boosting properties to boot.

Available from Current Body for $167.00

Butter Boy

Red Velvet Cookies

Roses are red, cookies are yum, these ones are the best, so get them in your tum! We never claimed to be poets, but these chunk-tastic delights filled with white and dark chocolate and a whipped cheesecake centre will have you writing sonnets too. 

Available from Butter Boy for $70.00

Shine G-Spot Vibrator

Price: $85.00

She’s cute, she’s curvy and she’s made just for you. Let your self-sexploration begin with 10 vibration settings to really hit the (G-)spot. Affordable, adorable and she’s also waterproof… just sayin’. 

Available from Vush for $85.00

Never Say Never Tie Me Up Bodysuit

Price: $189.95

Would it even be Valentine’s Day without a bit of red lace? Soft, sensual and downright sexy, this is a brilliant choice for anyone who’s not entirely comfortable with a two-piece set, but still wanting to bring the spice—which it 100% does. 

Available from Souszy for $189.95

360 Spray Tan Mister

Price: $24.95

A good self-tanner is like a good lover: gradually building, long-lasting, and really gets into all those hard-to-reach places. Seems like this Tanologist Spray Mister might be your perfect match for a good time this Valentine’s Day.

Available from Priceline for $24.95

The Kissu Lip Mask

Price: $42.00

Whether you’ve locked lips with a loved one a little too long, or eaten a truckload of popcorn watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, chapped lips are just a pain—literally. Pop this on before bed (or after… you know what) and you’ll wake up with angel-soft smackers. 

Available from MECCA for $42.00

Rose Of No Man's Land Body Wash

Price: $70.00

If the shower is your destination for self-exploration (see: *waterproof* G-Spot Vibrator above), then lather up with the nectar of the gods. This body wash is an indulgence, but totally worth every penny, so just accept that you’re an empress already and add to cart. 

Available at MECCA for $70.00

Buff Ryder Exfoliating Body Scrub

Fenty Skin
Price: $55.00

If the name of this body scrub doesn’t already tickle your pickle, let it be known that this scrub is 100% worth getting naked for. Get to know your body while exfoliating those nooks and folds with this delightfully gentle and lightly scented formula.

Available at Sephora for $55.00

Petal Candle

Boy Smells
Price: $130.00

Ladies, it’s time we started buying our own damn flowers—the kind that will never die. Treat yourself to a luxe bouquet of roses in candle form, which Boy Smells does oh-so-well.

Available from MECCA for $48.00

Pasta Maker

Price: $60.00

Picture this: a night alone, you wearing nothing but an apron, eating the freshest, most lip-smacking pasta you’ve ever tasted. It’s the love affair that will never end, made possible by having your very own pasta maker. Get saucy! 

Available from Wiltshire for $60.00

Beck Pumps

Nine West
Price: $199.95

Make your self-love go the distance and gift yourself the ultimate pick-me-up: a new pair of heels. Walk a little taller (and a lot more confidently) in a pair of leather and mesh detailed pumps that will make a statement long after V-day. This lavender shade is too cute!

Available from Nine West for $199.95

Line It Lash It

Price: $24.95

Okay, okay, hear us out. If you’re a lash-lover and get off from feeling extra-fancy for your sexual encounters, this stuff is SWEAT-PROOF. Guaranteed not to budge a single eyelash, so you can keep popping all night long. Get it, sis. 

Available from MECCA for $24.95

Nimes Rosette Linen Robe

Linen House
Price: $149.99

Straight out of the shower, making coffee after sex or just lounging around—there’s no scenario where a comfortable, chic cover-up isn’t a good idea. Layer yourself in linen and go forth in confidence, because we all know there’s no clothes being worn under there…

Available from Linen House for $149.99


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