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Aussie Artisan Week 2021

Aussie Artisan Week Is Back

Let's support and champion Aussie Artisans

Buying local has quickly pivoted from a thing we sometimes thought of, to a habit for most. We know it’s more important than ever before to both champion and support local markets, growers, cheesemongers, bakers and wine producers while being mindful to actually seek them out and add them to our food shops.

With this in mind, Aussie Artisan Week is making a return this 16th – 23rd of August. The week-long event will showcase artisans from across the country and encourage Australians to consciously choose to support and purchase Australian-made products.

“We’ve realised that Australians really do value Australian-made, and so we want to help people discover more local alternatives as they do their weekly shopping,” says Pepe Saya Butter Co. Director and co-founder Melissa Altman.

After a successful launch in 2020 Pepe Saya Butter Co. founders, this year have joined forces with 18 other Australian artisans to help them spread the message of Aussie Artisan Week. Some include Crumpets by Merna, Yarra Valley Caviar, Grandvewe Cheese, Bruny Island Cheese, Meru Miso, Olsson’s Salt, Nice Pickles and The Mushroom Guys and many more.

Butter maker and co-founder of Aussie Artisan Week, Pierre Issa, says “The past 17 months have shown the importance and value of community, and our community has kept us afloat. Not only our customers, but also all of the incredible hard working producers who we work with, or alongside whom we sell our products at farmers’ markets and local stores. To be completely frank, we wouldn’t be here without them.”

Aussie Artisan Week 2021

So how can you support Aussie Artisan Week?



  • Visit your local farmer’s market
  • Shop local, buy from your local high street and ask questions
  • Jump online, most Aussie artisans sell direct
  • Follow along on the Aussie Artisan Week Instagram, where Aussie Artisan Week will be sharing stories from other Australian artisans
  • Share your artisan-made products and purchases, tagging @AussieArtisanWeek and use the hashtag #AussieArtisanWeek.
We’ve realised that Australians really do value Australian-made, and so we want to help people discover more local alternatives as they do their weekly shopping
Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Pepe Saya

Salted Cured Butter

Aussie Artisan Week 2021

Salt Bush & Pepper Leaf Salt

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Yarra Valley Caviar

Salmon Caviar

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Meru Miso

Sweet White Powdered Miso

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Nice Pickles

3 x 500g jars of Table Pickle

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Bruny Island Cheese

Bread and butter pickle

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Papa saya

Passionfruit Curd

Aussie Artisan Week 2021
Meru Miso

Fresh Sweet White Miso



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