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En-Route best new beauty launches 2022 review

33 Best Hair, Skincare & Beauty Products Of The Year 2022

Our editors weigh up the best releases from the year that was.

Hi there, Vira & Katie here! Those sleighbells sure are ringing—we can hardly believe it’s December already. This year saw us venturing back out into the wild post-pandemic, and a myriad of new beauty brands and products launched to accommodate our free and fanciful re-emergence. 

Natural and no-fuss looks remained, but bold, playful takes on classic looks reigned supreme as we reinvented ourselves for 2022. From face oils, to hair serums, eyeshadow palettes to new-gen SPF, we tried it all. Here are our top picks from this year’s beauty releases. 


Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo

Price: $44.00

“For anyone with fine or flat hair, devoid of any ability to hold volume, this shampoo is the stuff of the gods. The secret is in their ‘ocean silk technology’ which gives hair body and bounce, while still feeling light and airy.” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $44.00

Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner

Price: $51.00

“Fans of the cult hair oil and wash from Gisou would have been all over this, but for anyone new to the brand, this leave-in conditioner is a star product. A terrifically fine mist leaves hair super soft and satiny and dries quicker than any other leave-in I’ve used this year.” -Katie

Available at MECCA for $51.00

Invati Advanced™ Intensive Hair & Scalp Masque

Price: $66.00

“I love a good 2-in-1, and this one is next level. Natural botanicals leave your hair feeling like silk (even in the shower), and unlike traditional conditioning masks, this offering also gets massaged into the scalp for an all-over treatment. Did we mention it also thickens hair? Get this now.” -Katie

Available at Adore Beauty for $66.00

Nurture Deep Moisture Mask

Price: $37.00

“Secrets out, my toxic trait is using expensive hair masks in place of conditioner thanks to my unforgivingly frizzy strands. If you suffer the same fate, then this one’s for you! For only $37.00 a pop and dreamy scented hair, forgo the conditioner and try JVN’s moisture mask today.” -Vira

Available at Sephora for $37.00

Hair Activist

Price: $198.00

“Not a treatment per se, but this is magic in a bottle for healthier, happier hair. Taking two a day consistently had my hair growing quicker than Nick Cannon’s family tree. The unique combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants worked miracles on my thin, fine hair.” -Katie

3 month supply available at Aede for $198.00

Oi Liquid Luster

Price: $70.95

“Hands down one of the easiest styling hair products I’ve come across to date. This liquid gold gives you glass hair in literally 10 seconds while you’re in the shower. Just shampoo, drench your hair in liquid luster, rinse and condition. It’s as easy as that. Witchcraft!” -Vira

Available at Salon Style for $70.95

Hair Cream

Price: $46.00

Oh yes, she’s a curly girl now. This very generously-sized tub of marshmallow-scented goodness not only defines and holds curls, but works as a leave-in treatment while you bounce around with your fabulous ‘do. It’s also just as effective as a styling cream for taming flyaways and creating a sleek, defined look.” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $46.00

Complete Blowout Styling Milk

Price: $44.00

“She came, she conquered and she’s serving. Bad blowouts are now a thing of the past with the most dreamy of formulas from the hair goddess’ signature line. Frizz? Gone. Volume? Amongst the angels. Infinite shine? Here to stay.” -Katie 

Available at Sephora for $44.00

Thin Wand

Price: $265.00

“This year was all about hair matching our complexion: tight, snatched and well-defined. A 14mm barrel creates coils like no other, which soften over the day and ACTUALLY HOLD in fine hair. It’s unusual to find a heat tool that creates a lasting style for me, but this is it. Also, more versatile than you’d think: beach waves, piecey statement curls and euphoric 70s flicks.” -Katie

Available at ghd for $265.00

Petite Style Cordless Curler

VS Sassoon
Price: $29.00

“Prefacing this by saying I have short, finer hair, this handbag-ready heat styler was the MVP for me for events and dinners. As mentioned, my hair cannot hold a curl to save its life, so this cordless curling tong was the perfect touch-up tool come afternoon or party-time.” -Katie

Available at Target for $29.00



Price: $$14.99

“Takes off the toughest waterproof eye makeup including stubborn mascara in a single swipe. Impressive is an understatement but from the makers of the best micellar water ever, it’s not surprising this patented makeup remover doesn’t stop there but hydrates and strengthens your skin all in one.” -Vira

Available at Chemist Warehouse for $14.99

Potent-C™ Power Scrub

Peter Thomas Roth
Price: $62.00

A moment for the most overlooked tool in our cleansing arsenal: the scrub. This divinely citrusy, loaded formula is gritty yet gentle – you can really feel it working against your face for an exfoliation deep-cleanse. The whole Vit C range from Peter Thomas Roth is divine, but this was the hero for me this year.” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $62.00

A-Gloei™ Maretinol Oil

Drunk Elephant
Price: $108.00

“New to the world of retinol? Then let me suggest a retinol oil. Hailed from the dry skin fairy is your super hydrating, skin-smoothing, age-defying wish granted. Combining vegan retinol, virgin marula oil, and ceramides to gently deliver you your best skin yet.” -Vira

Available at MECCA for $108.00


Price: $63.00

“As if Hyaluronic Acid couldn’t get any better, thanks to innovative Korean skincare brand Laneige, comes Blue Hyaluronic Acid. What is it you ask? Blue Hyaluronic Acid boasts smaller molecules to penetrate deeper into the dermis for deeply hydrated and firmer skin.” -Vira

Available at Sephora for $63.00

Fat Water Hydrating Milky Toner Essence

Price: $45.00

“Once again going for the controversial pick but this product goes the extra mile. The creamy emulsion is loaded with hyaluronic acid, meaning you’re already getting a head start on your serum steps, and leaves the most supple, bouncy base for your skincare routine. Love the product.” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $45.00

Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturiser

Trinny London
Price: $92.00

“In my eyes, Trinny can do no wrong, and this moisturiser further proves it. The whole lineup of skincare is brill, but this is my everyday star standout. The ritualistic motion of twisting and pumping this peptide-packed hydrator is like meditating in a spa—a daily reminder to take a breath, look after yourself and be rewarded with a face as glowy as Trinny’s sequinned suits.”  -Katie

Available at Trinny London for $92.00


Sunday Riley
Price: $98.00

“She’s giving ultra bright glow warm in the deepest darkest caves. If you love the original C.E.O serum, then you will obsess over this lightweight vitamin c packed gel moisturiser. Oh and did we mention the 24 hours of hydration?” -Vira

Available at MECCA for $98.00


Price: $100.00

“Overnight masks have a serious chokehold over me and for good reason. Sensitive skin sisters unite because this overnight mask will see you waking up to smoother, calmer and hydrated skin. Redness, who’s she?” -Vira

Available at Sephora for $100.00


Price: $121.00

“Who could possibly choose one favourite overnight mask when this supernatural mask serves a purpose in a league of her own? True to Emma Lewisham’s ethos, this mask harnesses powerful natural ingredients thanks to 22 hard-working actives to support overnight skin restoration. Enough said.” –Vira

Available at Emma Lewisham for $121.00


Price: $60.00

“Because nothing can stop me from achieving the best glow on my journey to glass skin, this is my new go-to skin-saving oil. For my skin-loving sisters who try it all but sometimes fail, this oil is your new skin’s saviour. We all get a little overly excited with lotions and potions that promise the world, & when a little too much blows up in our face, strip it all back and use this calming rose oil instead. I promise you’ll bounce back in no time.” -Vira

Available at Jurlique for $60.00


XeraCalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil

Price: $31.49

“Originally I was using this on the face (which also works wonders), but then discovered it was a skin and scalp cleanser too! With ultra-dry, easily irritated skin, this soothing formula helps to stop the itch, and I leave the shower feeling seal-like. A very similar effect to another French shower oil cult favourite, without the divisive almond scent.” -Katie

Available at Chemist Warehouse for $31.49


Price: $67.00

“Your active body lotion era is about to begin, because who said active ingredients are reserved for the face only? From the famed bum bum cream brand, this deliciously scented cream stimulates your skin’s collagen and is formulated with Cacay oil—a gentle retinol alternative.” -Vira

Available from MECCA for $67.00


Price: $34.95

“Just the thought of swallowing pills makes me gag and multi-vitamins? Forget about it. When it comes to this new game-changing period range of supplements, I don’t think twice when popping these bloat-busting babes because they’re totally worth it.” -Vira

Available at The Fix for $34.95


Dewy Latte

Price: $46.00

It’s always my dream to look like I’ve come back from a 2 week vacation in Positano, but as that’s quite unrealistic right now, Dewy Latte is the quickest way to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. Part primer, part moisturiser, part highlighter, this hybrid formula is as versatile as it is beautiful on the skin. A dewy, lasting glow in a bottle.” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $46.00

Ambient Soft Glow Foundation

Price: $87.00

“As a dry girlie, I’m not one for a matte, full-coverage complexion, but this foundation really won me over. Combined with the Veil Mineral Primer, there’s something about this formula that’s Goldilocks-esque: Not too heavy, not too opaque, not too cakey, not too sheer. Manifesting this as my wedding makeup base…” -Katie

Available at MECCA for $87.00


Price: $73.00

“If it’s not a skin tint, I’m not interested – but this foundation won me over in a heartbeat. For someone that feels suffocated when wearing foundation, NARS really meant business with this lightweight, medium coverage, natural finish formula. Inclusively available in 36 shades.” -Vira

Available at MECCA for $73.00

Fauxfilter Luminous Matte Liquid Concealer

Huda Beauty
Price: $44.00

“The queen of flawless complexions never disappoints, and this is extra special. A creamy, full-coverage concealer that I would actually dispute as being quite satin-like rather than matte, a little goes a long way. The colour range is also incredible—29 shades!” -Katie

Available at Sephora for $44.00

Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury
Price: $75.00

“Every time I tried to buy this product, it was out of stock. Now I know why. Whipped-like texture, blendable pigment, cream-to-powder application – there’s not much about this bronzer that falls short of perfection. The pan size is enormous so it’s worth the dollar, and as always, the packaging is stunning.”

Available at MECCA for $75.00



Charlotte Tilbury
Price: $60.00

“What’s a best beauty wrap-up without at least two Charlotte Tilbury products making the cut? Tilbury’s been busy this year and for good measure, because I haven’t left the house without this creamy pot of colour. The lip & cheek glow has taken up residence in my handbag for a little over 6 months now, but who’s counting?” -Vira

Available at Charlotte Tilbury for $60.00

Satin Lip Color Rich Refillable Lipstick

Rose Inc
Price: $42.00

“Whenever I’ve received a compliment on my lipstick this year, it’s been this. Whenever I’ve recommended a go-to lipstick, it’s been this. Whenever I’ve searched for a spare lipstick in my handbag… you guessed it, it’s this. I’m nothing short of obsessed with this light, moisturising lip product which has given me the confidence to say ‘Hey, nude lipsticks do actually suit me!” -Katie

Available at MECCA for $42.00


Instant Perfector 4-In-1 Glow Foundation

Price: $20.99 

Nothing like a latecomer to steal the top prize! Let’s be real—we’ve been dying to get our hands on this after seeing it all over TikTok in the US months ago, and it’s worth the hype. Arguably not pigmented enough to be a foundation, it is however the most stunning base or topper highlight for anyone who’s left their ‘frosted shimmer’ era behind.” -Katie

Available at Chemist Warehouse for $20.99

Nouveau Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Price: $78.00

There’s a reason we’ve been coveting ABH palettes since we started wearing makeup—they pack a punch, last forever and always seem to come up with the most complimentary colourways. Despite owning countless palettes, I owned nothing like the unique shade combinations in the Nouveau, and has been on high rotation since the day I bought it. Fleur is my new ‘swipe and sprint’, out-the-door shade.” -Katie 

Available at MECCA for $78.00


Setting Spray

Holme Beauty
Price: $49.00

“It takes a lot to sway me from my ride-or-die setting mist, but this long-lasting, finely shimmered spray was a newfound favourite. Lightly scented with the most gorgeous, mesmerising gold formula, it has a fine disbursement and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tacky or wet. My makeup doesn’t budge when I’ve applied this, and that’s a huge win for summer days.” -Katie

Available at Holme Beauty for $49.00


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