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9 Hand & Body Lotion Sets That Double As Fancy Decor

Your body will thank you but your vanity will thank you more.



As we fast approach Freedom Day, we’ve come to realise that not only are we able to go out and about to see friends and family, but soon we’ll be able to invite guests over. Which got us thinking, what’s worse than entertaining guests in a house that’s also let themselves go during lockdown?

After a late-night scroll on the ol’ Insta, I happened to land on some very drool-worthy interior design pages. One thing the bathrooms all had in common… fancy hand wash and lotion sets. Without it, the vanity’s would look naked and lacklustre.

A typical Sunday afternoon decor shop at Kmart will leave you with the same basic b*tch (BB) soft furnishings as everybody else. Totally nothing against Kmart cause that BB is me. What we’re saying is forgot the old Kmart shop and splurge on a little treat for yourself that’ll also leave your guests very impressed with your choice of soap. Oh, and not to mention nice smelling hands.

Hydrate & Revive Hand Care Twinset

Grown Alchemist
Price: $59.00

The Limited-Edition Hydrate & Revive Hand Care Twinset includes Grown Alchemist’s best-selling, gentle gel hand wash and a deeply hydrating, non-greasy hand cream that moisturises, soothes and softens dry or cracked skin on your hands and cuticles.

Hand Wash: Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Sage 300mL
Hand Cream: Vanilla, Orange Peel 300mL

100% natural, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Buy Hand Care Twin Set $59.00

Body Wash & Body Lotion

Price: $from 36.00

Discover Minenssey’s Body Collection, the latest inclusion to their range of sensorial skincare products. The Body Wash & Lotion are enriched with a blend of essential oils including Jojoba and Macadamia Oil sharing an intimate connection with nature.

Body Wash: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Pink Grapefruit 240ml
Body Cream: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Pink Grapefruit 240ml

Body Wash RRP$36.00 || Body Cream RRP$42.00

Seaweed Velvet Liquid Soap & Hand Cream

Price: $from 35.95

Inspired by the countless benefits of iconic Marseilles soap, Compagnie de Provence Seaweed Velvet collection encompasses the same age-old traditional production methods that being in a cauldron. The Seaweed Velvet collection is enriched with “felt-alga” seaweed from the Mediterranean and exceptional botanical oils from Provence.

Hand Wash: Fresh and gentle fragrance 495ml
Hand Cream: Fresh and gentle fragrance 75ml

Hand Wash RRP$44.95 || Hand Cream RRP $35.95

Vetyver Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Price: $from 65.00

The modern European luxury fragrance house, BYREDO brings memories to life through aromas of pomelo and jasmine petals. The signature Vetyver scent by BYREDO offered through the Hand Wash & Hand Lotion will leave your hands conditined with a long-lasting scent.

Hand Wash: Vetyver, Tart Pomelo, Jasmine Petals 450ml
Hand Cream:Vetyver, Tart Pomelo, Jasmine Petals 450ml

Vetyver Hand Wash RRP$65.00 || Vetyver Hand Cream RRP$68.00

Bathroom Essentials Bundle

Price: $123.00

Created with meticulous attention to detail, Aesop was founded in 1987 formulating the finest quality products from all over the world. The Bathroom Essentials Bundle include the Ressurection Hand Balm and Wash along with the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser.

Hand Balm: Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf, Cedar Atlas 75ml
Hand Wash: Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf, Cedar Atlas 500ml
Body Cleanser: Geranium Leaf, Mandarin Rind, Bergamot Rind 500ml

Bathroom Essentials Bundle RRP$123.00

Red Roses Body Hand Wash & Lotion

Jo Malone
Price: $from 66.00

The innovative British fragrance house Jo Malone offers timeless and elegance, not only in their design but the unique development of fragrances. Their Body & Hand collection is no different with an enhanced formula that leaves your skin soft and conditioned.

Hand & Body Lotion: Lemon, Scarlet Velvet Rose, Honeycomb 250ml
Hand & Body Wash: Lemon, Scarlet Velvet Rose, Honeycomb 250ml

Hand & Body Wash RRP$66.00 || Hand & Body Lotion RRP$90.00

Two Hands: Buddha Wood LGE

Leif Products
Price: $$89.00

Leif Products hero key native Australian ingredients supported by essential oils and extracts. Best selling kit, Two Hand: Budda Wood LGE  includes the popular hand wash loved for its clean formulation and earthy aroma.

Hand Balm: Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood 500ml
Hand Wash: Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood 500ml

100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, clean, sulphate free, paraben-free.

Two Hands: Buddha Wood LGE RRP$89.00

Bergamote 22

Le Labo
Price: $From 81.00

Breaking all rules of conformity when it comes to traditional scents,  New York-based Le Labo brings individual olfactory messages such as the number beside the name indicating the number of notes used to create that particular blend. Bergamote 22 is a fusion of citrus and floral musk combining freshness and sensuality.

Body Lotion: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Amber 237ml
Shower Gel: Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood 237ml

Body Lotion RRP$103.00 || Shower Gel RRP$81.00

The Body Duo

Price: $49.90

Australian fragrance house, Ecoya is guided by leading perfumers and fragrance experts transforming raw nature into rich and evocative fragrances. The French Pear collection evokes essences of crisp Queensland pears with a hint of Vanilla and Clove for sophistication.

Hand & Body Wash: Pear, Vanilla, Cloves 450ml
Hand & Body Lotion: Pear, Vanilla, Cloves 450ml

The Body Duo RRP$49.90


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