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Best New Beauty Products To Try August

An excuse to upgrade your shelfies

With makeup and skincare dropping at dizzying rates, it can be a hard task to navigate through products worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Naturally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share a comprehensive round-up of the best beauty products to have dropped throughout the month of July. From undisputed favourites to brand-new releases we know you won’t be able to resist. This is your chance to *add-to-cart* with zero regrets. 


Dam Dry Undies

Price: $24.99

Bonds’ new Damn Dry Midi undies offer comfy mid-range coverage with leak protection is your answer to ditching those disposable panty liners. Promising the classic Bonds comfort with a soft and flexible material that draws away moisture.

Available at Bonds for $24.99

Essential 8

Price: $79.00

A new ingestible brand Eimele, launches Essential 8 – a comprehensive multivitamin that is scientifically formulated and TGA approved to complement your plant-based diet. Eimele Essential 8 uses scientifically researched ingredients in evidence-based dosages and highly bioavailable forms that work to fill nutritional gaps while on a plant-based diet.

Available at Eimele for $79.00

Immortelle Reset Eye Serum

Price: $89.00

The new & improved best-selling Immortelle Reset Eye Serum is your answer to faking 8 hours of sleep thanks to its anti-fatigue under-eye treatment packed with 10x Immortelle essential oil so your eye contour looks awakened, revitalised and youthful after just 1 night. The new formula is boosted with Immortelle extract, which helps the skin to recover from daily stress. 

Available at L’Occitane for $89.00

Date Night Shampoo & Conditioner

Price: $39.00 each

New Australian professional haircare brand DunGüd speaks to individuality, youth and a fashion forward consumer – Date Night Shampoo & Conditioner is hydrating packing all the moisture without the weight with added aloe vera and jojoba oil.

Available at DunGüd for $39.00


High Strength Turmeric Superblend

Melrose Health
Price: $29.95

Melrose Turmeric Superblend is a powerhouse blend of superfoods, naturally rich in inflammation-fighting curcumin. The Superfood blend is packed with 200mg of curcumin, to boost everything that turmeric does naturally, a little more. The rich warm flavour of this superfood blend will bring you creamy comfort during the winter season.

Available from Melrose Health for $29.95


Face Halo
Price: $37.00

Effectively remove, cleanse and exfoliate the day away in just 3 easy steps. Each pad serves its purpose to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate. Best of all Face Halo is suitable for every skin type, skin concern and skin sensitivity; Face Halo Active is non-toxic, chemical-free and vegan.

Available at Face Halo for $37.00

The Crown Cleanse

Price: $24.00

Introducing Australia’s first microbiome-focussed haircare range by STRAAND. Launching their prebiotic scalp shampoo as the first drop from the range to promote a healthy scalp, encouraging good cell turnover and providing an optimal environment for hair growth – which, in turn, combats scalp dryness, flaking, product build-up, thinning and even hair loss.

Available at STRAAND for $24.00

Prep Step

Price: $29.00

A hydrating face mist that perfectly preps your skin and is formulated for optimal product absorption.  Formulated with Hyaluronic acid to plumps and smooth, glycerin to provide hydration, and naturally-derived propanediol to hold moisture in the skin and helps enhance active ingredients penetration and efficacy. Mist before your serums!

Available at Go-To for $29.00


Who is Elijah
Price: $135.00

NIGHTCAP is the new long-lasting sexy and moody scent by Who is Elijah – it’s a scent for the nighthawks, the ones who live life to the fullest.  Founder and creative director Raquel Bouris created this scent after inspiration from her favourite nights and memories that will last a lifetime.

Available at Adore Beauty for $135.00

Beta-Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant

Glo Skin
Price: $58.00

Your one-step answer to blemish-fighting and clarifying treatment. Glo Skin’s Beta-Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant refines, smooths, and brightens with gentle exfoliation thanks to their signature 10% clarifying five acid complex blend, it includes alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for improved clarity and texture, plus salicylic acid—a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to clear out pores and prevent further congestion.

Suitable for all skin types—especially oily and combination skin.

Available at Glo Skin for $58.00

Sensibio H2O Eye

Price: $24.99

From the brand that put Micellar Water on the map introduces you to their new patented bi-phase formula makeup remover, using micellar technology to easily cleanse and remove eye & lip makeup, whilst also hydrating and strengthening your delicate skin and eyelashes.

This exciting new product removes impurities and pollution, strengthens eyelashes, and hydrates the eye contour to prevent fine lines, thanks to its unique formula.

Available at Chemist Warehouse for $24.99

Beauty Flash Balm

Price: $70.00

An Iconic balm just got a facelift – formulated with 96% naturally-sourced ingredients for a powerful radiance-boosting cocktail. Use by itself as a day treatment over your regular day cream, mixed in with your Clarins liquid foundation, or as a mask for a radiant glowing complexion. Perfect for all skin types.

Available at Clarins for $70.00

Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

Summer Fridays
Price: $66.00

A refreshing serum for weightless hydration that instantly absorbs to deliver skin-drenching hydration with glycerin, hyaluronic acid and squalane. Great for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin.

Available at MECCA for $66.00


Dyson Airwrap™

Price: $899.00

Dyson’s most awarded styling tool, the Dyson Airwrap™ styler has received a radical makeover, bringing new and re-engineered attachments powered by enhanced Coanda airflow. The new multi-styler now caters to more hair types and styles, allowing more personalisation in one tool with Dyson’s signature healthy, superior styling results including an attachment to smooth those pesky flyaways.

Available at Dyson for $899.00

Melatonin Night Balm

Price: $45.00

A cocooning and rejuvenating balm enriched with melatonin, Kangaroo paw flower nectar and Japanese grape extract to nurture your skin overnight for smoother, firmer and hydrated skin by morning.

Available at MECCA for $45.00


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