En Route Culture - DIY These Gifts For Mum This Mother's Day

DIY These Gifts For Mum This Mother’s Day

Who doesn't want their painting on mum's fridge?

When was the last time you actually made a gift? And by made I mean, create something from nothing. Every year when Mother’s Day comes around the corner, I work out how many years it’s been since I’ve bought my mum a new set of face creams, or a new set of tea towels to make sure I don’t double up on what I bought the previous year. 

This year, I am DIY-ing something for mum while investing in a new skill for myself! Join me in giving our mums a gift she likely hasn’t received since you were in primary school. 

enroute crockd mothers day gift
enroute crockd pottery mothers day gift
enroute crocked mothers day gift pack

All Image Credits: Crockd

CROCKD – The Mother’s Day Special Edition Kit 

The Mother’s Day Special Edition Kit RRP$120.00

There is a real sense of liberty when you dig your hands into a mound of cold clay, working it into random shapes while it miraculously turns into something that is actually something!

Make mum a mug or a cheese platter with an at-home pottery kit from Crockd

Rosa-Clare Willis, co-founder, Crockd, says that “The special Mother’s Day edition has been designed and illustrated like a friendship necklace, nurturing and sustaining loving relationships despite the current barriers. Each kit comes with “Clay Breakers” (ice-breakers) that include questions like “What was life like at my age?”.

The kits will be delivered separately if you don’t live together.



merchant and green kokedama class
merchant and green DIY kit

All Image Credits: Merchant & Green

MERCHANT & GREEN – Live Stream Virtual Classes

Succulent Terrarium Classes RRP$135

You better watch out with the Succulent Terrarium Classes held by Merchant & Green, because it may be hard to part with the little eco-system you’ve just created! Not only does Merchant & Green offer succulent terrarium making classes, but they’ve also got you covered for Kokedama and Mini Terrarium classes. 

So if you can’t choose which to make for mum, make them all! Better yet, do the classes together.


All Image Credits: Cork & Chroma

CORK & CHROMA – Virtual Painting Class

Art Supplies Kit For One RRP$60.00

As best put by Chloé from Cork & Chroma “The gift of a shared experience, be it in the same space or online together is something that is not easily forgotten. Combine this with the joy of creativity (and Mum creating her own painting) and you have a Mother’s Day gift that will be cherished for years to come”.

If you have all the gear to start painting then just book below, if not, you can purchase a kit for one or two in the link above. Now take a swig of wine, put your Picasso hats on and get messy!


Provider Store Candle Workshop

Provider Store Candle Workshop

Provider Store Candle Workshop

Provider Store Candle Workshop

enroute the provider store candle product

All Image Credits: The Provider Store

THE PROVIDER STORE – Soy Making Candle Class

Soy Wax Candle Making Set RRP$79.00

Don’t just buy a candle this year, make one instead! The Provider Store will deliver everything you need to get you started on making a soy wax candle for mum. If you ask me, this is basically the skill you want to invest in to create and gift everyone for years to come. 


Header Image Credit: @theproviderstore and @justfilm_


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