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Want The Best At-Home Blowdry? ghd’s Newest Innovation Delivers Just That

For salon-worthy hair at home.

It’s the look we’ve all tried to perfect at home for decades: the ‘just-been-to-the-salon’ blowout. Despite owning enough curlers, hot rollers, tongs and tools to start a small hair museum, somehow, I’ve never quite been able to master it.

Just when I was beginning to think my best hair days were behind me, ghd’s Duet Blowdry emerged from the shadows of hair purgatory and lifted me up to heavenly heights. We’re talking angelic volume, ethereal shine and whispy curls with the flick of the wrist, and that was only the first run-through.

While many blowdry brushes have hit the market in recent years, ghd’s Duet Blowdry is the first to transform wet hair into a luxuriously smooth, voluminous blow dry finish with no heat damage, 3x more volume, no frizz and 50% more shine. If that’s not a claim you can get behind, I’m not sure what is.

Jeroen Temmerman, ghd’s CEO says “Unlike any other blow dry brush, Duet Blowdry has pioneering technology at its core, for perfect blowdry results from wet hair, with no heat damage and 40% less energy consumption than a hairdryer and a brush. This is the future of blowdries and will deliver even more good hair days around the world.”

Curious to know more—and slightly scarred by past wet-to-dry tools I had used in the past (*sizzle*)—I spoke to Hayley Pullyn, ghd Education Manager for the full run-down on my favourite new weapon in my hair arsenal: the ghd Duet Blowdry.

KT: This new innovation from ghd can be used wet-to-dry—should we be prepping our hair with any products before using the tool?

HP: ghd’s new Volume Forever volumising blow dry cream is the perfect product for prep.

It’s a lightweight cream that thickens and plumps the hair, while protecting the hair up to 230 degrees during the styling process thanks to the ghd Heat Protection System.

The active ingredient in Volume Forever is Abyssinian Oil which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, giving the perfect glide and tangle-free styling experience.

If you don’t need volume but want to tame frizz and add smoothness whilst heat protecting the hair; ghd sleek talker styling oil is the perfect product for more wild and rebellious hair types.


KT: Some of us still have PTSD from the wet-to-dry hair tools of our youth. How can we ensure that the blow dry brush isn’t damaging our hair?


HP: The ghd labs in Cambridge UK have spent years developing wet-to-dry tools that do not create heat damage to the hair. What they found is that a 120 degree barrel plate is the safest and optimal temperature for styling hair wet-to-dry, as it maintains the internal moisture.

Internal moisture is a natural protection for the hair against heat styling, allowing us to feel guilt-free about blow drying our tresses regularly. During each styling session, you can pass the duet blowdry through the hair up to x4 and it is proven to create no heat damage to the hair vs. naturally drying the hair.

Supplied: ghd

KT: Tell us more about the Heat-Air Xchange Technology, and how this may differ from other similar hair tools we have in our drawer.


HP: Heat-Air Xchanger technology is a combination of airflow, heated barrel plate and actively heated snag-free bristles. The way the tool is designed is to provide the optimal airflow and a consistent heat delivery so the hair can dry efficiently, but effectively you can achieve smoothness and volume without the chaos that can happens during the process. This unique combination means the tool is easy to use, providing no flyaways, tangle-free and long lasting results.


KT: What hair types is the blow-dry brush best suited for? Can it still be used on short hair, or does it need to be over a certain length?


HP: The duet blowdry is amazing on all hair types. From ultra-fine to curly/coily hair, you can adapt your technique to get more volume or more smoothness depending on your desired results. It’s suitable for all hair lengths from short right through to super long. You’d be surprised at how well it works on short hair like Sharon Stone.

The new ghd duet blowdry is now available in black and white (RRP $595) in the best salons, premium department stores and ghdhair.com.

Hayley Pullyn’s Top 3 Styles to Try with the ghd Duet Blowdry


  1. Firstly, the iconic Victoria’s Secret blowout is a signature look of the Duet Blowdry— think airy volume and soft movement. The iconic VS blowout is characterised by voluminous, bouncy waves that exude glamour and confidence, often achieved with a combination of blow-drying and styling techniques… but now, you can get the look with just the one tool!


2. The 90s blowout is very on trend, and Duet Blowdry also creates this style effortlessly. I love the way celebrity hairdresser Chris Appleton has created the 90’s blowout on Jennifer Lopez. The 90s blowout was defined by its big, bouncy volume and sleek, polished finish, often achieved with layers and a round brush during blow-drying. Glamorous and effortlessly chic, it’s now even easier to achieve right in your bathroom.


3. Effortless movement and smoothness are in hot demand at the moment, and no-one does that better than Zendaya. It’s smooth, but still has body & shape! Her bouncy bob is a chic, modern take on the classic short hairstyle, featuring voluminous curls and a playful, yet sophisticated silhouette—which can be styled with the Duet Blowdry in a pinch.



SPECIAL MENTION: The OG 2000’s blowout gal: Jennifer Aniston! This blowdry style is wearable for everyday, smooth and exudes #quietluxury. Fast-forward 20 years and now Hailey Bieber is sporting reinvented version, and we love it however it’s styled.


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