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Here’s How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Get ready to ditch that 3rd cup of coffee and take notes

Have you ever found yourself dragging your feet up the stairs like a zombie on a Monday morning with the only thing that’s holding you together is the hypnotic scent of freshly brewed coffee?

There’s an unspoken rule that the first one in our office lands the most important job of playing barista for all and by 9 am, we’ve brewed a second pot with what is no doubt our second or sometimes third coffee for the day!

Unsurprisingly we’ve all become reliant on this liquid gold we call a ‘caffeine hit,’ but what if I told you there was another way, what if we didn’t need to be a three-cup of coffee kind of girl because of our restless night sleep?

World Sleep Day is this Friday the 19th, and what better way to work on and improve our sleeping habits. Naturally we got chatting to Sleep Expert & Co-Founder of The Goodnight Co, Shea Morrison.


EN - It seems people are struggling more with their sleep more than ever before. Why is this?

Sleep is definitely hard for some people and that is why a personalised approach is required. There’s so many lifestyle factors that affect sleep – think anxiety and stress, poor diet, minimal exercise.. the list goes on. Throw a pandemic into the mix, and it’s no surprise that people are struggling. Stress and anxiety play a huge role in disrupting our sleep patterns. You can’t sleep because your mind is racing, or you’re feeling anxious about not getting enough sleep – it’s a vicious cycle that can seem hard to break. This is why it’s so important to prioritise your mental health because it could be the cause of your lack of sleep. 

EN - Top three tips for a good night sleep?

Sleep is personal and what works for me might not work for you. In saying that, there’s definitely some good habits that can really help improve your sleep quality.

  1. Create a sleep routine: This is something you follow consistently (yes, on weekends too). It can be as simple as removing technology and light exposure one hour before bed, reading a book, diffusing your favourite sleep Essential Oil and popping on a Sleep Mask. Create a simple routine that you know is working for you and stick to it!
  2. Remove technology from your sleep space: These days it’s so easy to bring your work emails, social media and text messages into the bedroom but it’s causing us to stay awake much longer and in some cases, disrupt us when we are asleep. It might seem hard at first, but try charging your phone in the kitchen instead of on your bedside table. It’ll give you a much better chance of falling asleep and staying asleep.
  3. Journaling: With anxiety and stress impacting our sleep more than ever, it’s crucial we learn how to manage this. If you can’t seem to switch off your mind when going to bed, try writing down everything you’re worried about. It’ll give you some relief knowing you won’t forget about your to-do list, because you wrote it out the night before. Also, incorporating one simple thing you are grateful for each night and writing it down can release happy endorphins helping you to fall asleep. A brain filled with gratitude and kindness is more likely to sleep better.
EN - Any tips for those who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep?

We all have the occasional night when our sleep is interrupted. We wake up, and try as we might, we can’t fall back asleep. It happens to everyone. My top tips would be to practice some breathing exercises and meditation. These are great to incorporate because they don’t require you to turn all the lights on or use a screen. That means you’re able to focus on relaxing and unwinding again, so you can eventually fall back to sleep.  

EN - Some nights we can get a full 8/9 hours of sleep but still wake up tired. Is this do still sleep quality? Why/How can we improve this?

This is due to the quality of sleep you’re getting. When we sleep, we go through cycles. These cycles switch between REM and non-REM sleep. During a night of healthy night sleep, we cycle back and forth through these stages multiple times, before falling into our deepest periods of sleep in the early morning. Each stage plays a pivotal role in restoring our bodies and ensuring we’re in the best shape to take on a new day. 

Some ways to improve our deep sleep include setting regular sleep and wake times so your body’s natural sleeping patterns are established, ditch the late-night scroll on your phone and create a restful sleeping environment. 

EN - The Goodnight Co’s have a large selection of products to help with our sleep. What would you say your number one product would be for those looking to improve their sleep and why?

The Deep Sleep Drops, hands down. They’re a combination of homeopathic remedies that aid with deep, restful sleep, crafted with all-natural ingredients. All you need to do is take a few drops under the tongue before bed to help your body and mind to relax. They can also be used if you wake up during the night, just take a few drops again to help fall back to sleep. The response we’ve had from this product has been incredible! It’s truly helped so many people improve their sleep quality. 

EN - The Goodnight Co have just launched a sleep retreat. Tell us a little about the retreats.

Our Retreats are the embodiment of our brand. Our focus has always been to raise awareness and support those struggling with their sleep. Our retreats allow for people to come, recharge their batteries and learn about how they can improve their sleep and change their lives. With a number of workshops over the stay, guests are provided with the knowledge and resources they need to change their sleep habits for the better. They’re also able to take the time to reset, relax and spend time focusing on themselves. It’s the dream holiday! 

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