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Is This Your New Favourite Outfit?

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Being on lockdown has given us pause for thought allowing for many to stop and asses the many facets of our lives that would otherwise go untouched — take our wardrobes for example.

There has been a seismic shift in what we’re now choosing to wear on the daily and the importance of our comfort levels has been slowly climbing the ranks which begs the question, what is the new norm when it comes to our daily office attire? 

One such answer that is taking precedence across social media this last month is the humble grey sweatpants and hoodie combo.

Often this combo can leave us feeling pedestrian and second-rate but the below examples prove that sweats are reclaiming their rightful place in our wardrobes.

Follow along to see how the pros are doing it. 

Nude Lucy

Carter Hoodie

Nude Lucy

Carter Track Pants

Joah Brown


Lost Athletes

Grey Hoodie

Lost Athletes

Grey Track Pants

Comme des Garçons Play

Grey Heart Patch Hoodie


Track Pants



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