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Let’s Face Map Our Break Outs

Our skincare may be on point, but we can still breakout

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Photography: Lucy Alcorn

Your skincare routine is on point, but you have no idea why you continue to break out in that one particular area of your face. You diligently use AHA’s and BHA’s but that one stubborn Pinnochio pimple continues to rear its head every month. Even though your skincare routine may be amazing, there are some further underlying reasons why you get pimples where you do.

Face mapping is an ancient holistic skin analysis that views parts of our face with a connection to different organs. 

Read on as I chat with Skintitut’s Skin Expert Zoe Devine to map out exactly why we break out on certain areas of our face and what they can be connected to. 

enroute face map hairline

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


Pimples along our hairline are “Often linked to hair products such as smoothing serums, that may be comedogenic (a tendency to cause blackheads) or can be acne mechanica (caused by friction) from wearing hats or helmets,” tells Zoe.

Zoe’s Recommendation: Switch up your hair care products to determine if this is the cause. Also, remember to wash hats regularly.

enroute face map forehead

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


As ancient holistic skin mapping suggests, the forehead relates to our digestive system, “Changes to diet such as food and beverage along with stress and sleep can impact the skin in this area.” says Zoe. Those with poor digestion, who consume high quantities of alcohol or caffeine may experience breakouts along the forehead. Physical agents (such as the brim of a hat) can also cause acne mechanica.

Zoe’s recommendations: Avoid highly refined and high carbohydrate foods and drinks such as white bread, white rice, biscuits, cakes, pies, pasta and sugary foods and drinks. Choose fresh foods such as green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds and drink plenty of clean filtered water.

Superficial congestion (such as blackheads and whiteheads) respond well to Skintitut Glycolic Scrub 14% in this area.

enroute face map eyebrow nose

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


Between the eyebrows and along the nose represents our liver. Congestion arises in this area when our body is working hard to remove toxins. Toxins such as alcohol, high intake of dairy or eating foods that you may have sensitivities to.

Zoe’s Recommendations: Avoid at all costs from extracting or ‘squeezing’ the breakout yourself. This can usually result in post-acne breakout allowing it to linger much longer and can also lead to scarring.

Additionally, when not extracted correctly an acne lesion may rupture under the skin leading to the further spreading of bacteria and exacerbation of breakouts.

enroute face mapping cheeks

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


Holistic skin analysis suggests that our cheeks represent our lungs, “Some people notice that smoking or pollution are aggravators for them,” tells Zoe.

“Makeup products contribute greatly to congestion seen over the cheeks. Many of the bronzers and blushes we use contain pigments that are comedogenic. Bacteria build-up on dirty makeup brushes, pillowcases and our phones also contribute to pimples around our cheeks,” continues, Zoe

Zoe’s Recommendations: Makeup brushes should be washed weekly to prevent acne from flaring or worsening. Try to speak handsfree or with headphones but if you do talk regularly with your phone pressed to your face, ensure you are cleaning it regularly. Incorporating an AHA based cleanser can be helpful here for mild congestion such as the L-Lactic Cleanser or for oilier skin, or the Glycolic Cleanser 12%. 

If you’re still experiencing breakouts, Zoe suggests to try and “Avoid heavy makeups, bronzing powders, spray tans and makeup primers as they will further aggravate a break out prone skin. Instead, choose a mineral make up that gives a lightweight finish without causing further congestion.”

enroute face map jaw and chin

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


Breakouts around our chin and jawline are associated with stress, digestive challenges around elimination and hormonal influences, generally speaking, adult hormonal acne flares through the jawline and for some we breakout along here when we’re pre-menstrual

Stress can also flare breakouts through the jawline area.When your body is stressed, there is a hormone fluctuation that causes an increase in the amount of oil your skin secretes, which can cause acne to form or worsen,” says Zoe

Zoe’s Recommendations: To moderate the inflammatory response ignited by stress, try to incorporate stress-reduction techniques that work for you such as walking, reading, yoga, stretching or listening to music. Insufficient water intake, high caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods may flare congestion in this area. Try to incorporate a lower glycaemic index diet and eat plenty of high fibre foods.

“A great spot treatment solution for when you are experiencing stubborn hormonal breakouts is the use of Skintitut’s Glycolic Cleanser 12% and Laser Aid. This is ideal to do at night time before bed (after the skin is cleansed and moisturised), you simply use a cotton tip to dab a small amount of Glycolic Cleanser onto the spot, then follow with a small amount of Laser Aid dabbed over the top. The Glycolic Cleanser 12% will aid in decongesting while the Laser Aid will help to bring down redness and inflammation.”


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