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The Eco-Investment Your Wardrobe Is Missing

Meet Reebok's [REE]cycled Sneaker Collection

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It might be of interest to you to know that there are more than 23 billion pairs of sneakers made every year, most of which use virgin plastic, rubber, and petroleum, producing alarming amounts of carbon dioxide.

300 million pairs are thrown out annually, and, on average it takes 30-40 years for a pair to fully decompose in a landfill. 

Enter the Reebok REEcycled collection, bringing about their signature edge to recycled footwear whilst creating a new world where plastic gets a second life and shoes are made with things that grow.
Next time you need to refresh your sneaker game, make it work harder for our environment.
As we’re headed toward a more sustainable future, jump on board with Reebok and shop the best of their REEcycled sneakers. 
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