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The Insta-Famous Beauty Tool My BF Can’t Get Enough Of

And it's not for his face...

Turns out my milkshakes don’t bring all the boys to my yard but this Insta-Famous beauty tool definitely gets my BF wandering through my beauty cupboards.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been asked to lend a helping hand when it comes to my partner’s monthly manscaping duties in those hard to reach places a.k.a shaving his back hair. And, I’m over it. 

It’s not uncommon for some men to fall weak at the knees at the thought of walking into a beauty salon for back hair removal. So I wondered, what is the next best thing? Then it hit me, what about IPL hair treatments? Not only would my other half get to walk around with skin like a dolphin, but he’d also save himself that anti-salon anxiety.

Below are 6 reasons why at-home IPL treatments might be your next his & hers activity.

value for money happy skin co

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


1. Value For Money 


My partner and I share our Happy Skin Co and it’s absolutely worth every penny. 

Laser hair removal services can cost up to $100 a session and you’ll need at least 12 sessions to see lasting results, even a few more for men. Happy Skin Co is only $299, saving you almost $1000 and it can last over 20 years.

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

2. Quality Time With Your Partner


Although Covid-19 restrictions have begun to lift, I’m finding myself loving being at home more than ever. For some, finding activities to pass the time is still an issue along with that Monopoly board of yours, so why not laser your partners back?

It’s a lot less messy than shaving cream and razors.

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

3. No Pain 

Men squeal at the thought of waxing and their pain tolerance can be questionably lower than that of women. Have you ever watched men and their tolerance to period cramp simulators?

Compared to period pain simulators, this hair removal will be virtually painless and not to mention, Happy Skin Co can be used in the comfort and safety of your lounge room.

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

4. Convenience

Wouldn’t it be great to give ourselves a manicure anytime we feel like it? As most of us don’t carry the skill, we’re currently scrambling to book in a nail and lash appointments before the week is out.

The best thing about owning your own Happy Skin Co is that you can whip it out when you feel like it and never need to book in advance!

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

5. Can Be Used Everywhere (everywhere

Let me just reiterate – EVERYWHERE.  

If you have freckles and moles, it’s not recommended to laser over them as it can darken the pigmentation. Also, it’s best to completely avoid sensitive skin areas like those around your eyes. 

My partner has quite a lot of freckles on his shoulders so I avoid those altogether. My legs, on the other hand, have a handful of moles that I have gone over and I am just mindful to wait a little longer between zaps.

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

6. NO Side Effects

IPL lasers have been used for hair removal for over a decade and there’s no evidence of any long term side effects. 

In the short term, the side effects are similar to that of any other form of laser hair removal. A small percentage of people may experience some redness as a reaction, but this is well worth it for the results.


IPL laser hair removal by Happy Skin Co, HappySkin Gen.2


AUD $299.00




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