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Bower Studios Melt Collection

The Latest Homeware Heroes

Elevate Your Home with the Best New Homeware Finds

Welcome to a fresh write up of our most loved and lusted homewares, curated by Lucy. Take a peek at all the best things January has to offer from Australia and abroad.

1977 Sofa

King Living

The King Living 1977 sofa is an ingenious remake of one of their classic designs from the namesake year, which cleverly comes with easily replaceable cover changes, so you can change your home’s colour palette with your mood. My picks are the creamy Natural White boucle style version (pictured) and the sexy Mangrove Green. Having interchangeable covers means they are easily washable, which is great for pet owners like me, and I can personally vouch that the comfort level is 110/100. The modular pieces are designed sustainably and built sturdy enough to last a lifetime, and guess what – they’re currently on sale. RUN DON’T WALK!

Photographs for Peace


I truly believe that one good artwork, hung beautifully on your wall, can massively transform and elevate your space. It’s the glue that holds all of your interior design choices together, and will always make you smile. From now until Feb 2nd, Photographs for Peace is fundraising for Save the Children and Doctors without Borders, featuring artwork created by 37 incredible Australian female photographers. (Full transparency – I am one of them!) This is a great opportunity to grab a gorgeous 8×10 print by some of Australia’a best for only $70. And the best part is knowing that you’ve done some good in the world, helping to provide critical aid to those affected by the crisis in Gaza.

Featured Artwork by Emily May Gunawan.

Light Soy Portable Lamp


We all know by now that the overhead lights are NOT to be turned on under any circumstances. Fill your home with cosy and fun lamps such as this adorable “Light Soy” sauce bottle from Heliograf. This charming lil light is rechargeable, so you can take it with you anywhere that floats your boat! These are made from recovered ocean-bound plastic, so you are making sea cleaner AND your loungeroom cuter in one. Look at you, doing good with your photographs, lamps and life decisions! I’m proud of you, altruistic hottie!

Pasto Rug - Burgundy

Tarta Gelatina

A few years ago my partner asked if we could get a rug, and I was mortified at how AWFUL the designs available were. They felt so stale and old, and did not match the fun aesthetic we were crafting. Enter Tarta Gelatina: graphic, block coloured form and playful design from Barcelona. These rich and vibrant colours will perk up any space, and are available in a range of sizes.

Green Bad Marlon Haro Rest Dog Cushion


My dogs are spoiled AF and yes you’re correct, they DO deserve a luxury plush dog bed. The removable cover is perfect for an easy refresh, and I’ll be taking one of the olive, and one of the beige thanks. We love a bougie-pooch moment.


Maison Balzac x Catherine Martin

I love the collaboration choices that Maison Balzac makes, and this collection with Catherine Martin is no exception. I have been smashing the Lemon-Lime Bitters this summer, and these are the perfect vessel, with their beautiful green bases, to sip a vision in watermelon. Other notable pieces from the collection include the adorable Palmier Candle holder and wine glasses – which have glowing green glass stems complete with leaves.

Melt Mirror

Bower Studios

I fell in love with this melt mirror when I saw it, and it has subsequently ruined all other mirrors for me since. These are made custom to order and come in a range of dripping, goey shapes flopping over one or two points, that are an absolute treat. I simply will not rest until I have one.

Cucumber Large scented candle

LOEWE Home Scents’ latest candle is a revitalising and refreshing cucumber scent, with a cheeky hint of mint. The glazed ceramic shell is the most divine pastel-sorbet tone, and is an uplifting boost both optically and olfactory. Basically a cucumber and mint gimlet on a sexy summer holiday, minus the hangover, which is perfect now that we’re back to work. 

Unikko Bath Towel


We’ve got to wash every day (well I hope you do) – so why not make it a treat for your eyeballs as well as your underarms? These gorgeous Marimekko towels feature their signature floral print embossed in two soft textures, and are plush, cosy and delightful. Grab a mix of this pastel pink and vibrant spring yellow to liven up your bathroom.

Gold-Tone Bal des Abeilles Side Plate


Dior’s new Bal des Abeilles range features cute critters such as butterflies and ladybugs, and is a love letter to nature and gardens. This side plate is my favourite with its charming bee motif, and is finished in 24 carat gold no less. A touch of elegance and femininity for your dining table!


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