10 Of The Best Unisex Fragrances 2021 - En Route
Best Unisex Fragrances 2021 En-Route

10 Of The Best Unisex Fragrances 2021

From luxury favourites to new fragrance oils you need to know

It’s the olfactory memory of men’s cologne that makes our knees weak, think wood and spice notes that were sadly inaccessible in female perfumes that got us thinking… Why should floral notes be reserved for feminine scents? Why should brands dictate fragrance for genders? It wasn’t until Calvin Klein released CK One in the early ’90s that unisex perfumes came onto our radar.

Perfumes are an extension of us, male, female, and non-binary so it makes a whole lot of sense that fragrances adapt to the times. Gone are the days of gender-based perfumes, leaning almost obsolete as we see luxury and niche fragrance houses releasing gender-neutral scents. It’s our love for smokey wood notes once reserved for masculine fragrances that lead us to curate our top 10 unisex fragrances that will have heads turning.


Sicilian Leather

Price: $399.00

From a true luxury fragrance house and Parisian brand, you may not have heard of until now. Memo’s Sicilian Leather allows you to experience the freshness and invigorating liveliness of a leather accord.


  • Smokey dry woods with leather aromas
  • Green crisp notes of lime and bergamot

Shop at Libertine Parfumerie for $399.00

Karst Eau de Parfum

Price: $220.00

Aesop’s genderless line of fragrances all transport you to far-flung memories with one that stood out the most to us. The moody yet fresh fragrance of Karst is reminiscent of cliffside vegetation and the seashore.


  • Fresh herbaceous notes of juniper and cumin
  • Smokey metallic base accords of sandalwood

Shop at AESOP for $220.00


Who is Elijah
Price: $99.00

Inspiring only the sweetest nostalgia, who is elijah’s HIS | HER fragrance effortlessly balances sweet, spicy, and fresh notes perfect for you to share with your partner.


  • Clean and comforting notes of bergamot, violet leaf, and cardamom
  • Soft florals and fresh greenery
  • Woody musk base notes of sandalwood, cashmere musk, amber, and Oudh

Shop at Adore Beauty for $99.00


Price: $179.00

From new Australian fragrance house, you need to know. ROEMY’S Forest Parfum is an addictive clean crisp fragrance with rich woody leather notes.


  • Fresh crisp notes of bergamot and cardamom
  • Woody base notes of cedar and sandalwood

Shop at ROEMY for $179.00

Image @lucy_alcorn

Whispers In The Library EDT

Maison Margiela
Price: $185.00

Inspired by the scent of old pages turning in the library, scents of wax, wood and paper. It’s the combination of pepper notes with woody warm cedar and vanilla.


  • Pepper essence and citrus notes of orange
  • Warm notes of cedarwood and vanilla

Shop at MECCA for $185.00

Leather Skies

All Saints
Price: $125.00

An exclusive gender-neutral fragrance house, All Saints Leather Skies is primal, sensual with a woody leather scent.


  • Smokey black pepper and sandalwood
  • Warm soft leathery notes contrasted with the scent of wood

Shop at The Iconic for $125.00




Orb Oils
Price: $90.00

A clean bespoke oil fragrance brand locally made in Melbourne. ORB Oil’s line of fragrance oils are genderless, vegan and made from recycled packaging.


  • Green citrus notes of lemon and sage
  • Warm wood notes of amber

Shop at ORB OILS for $90.00


St Rose
Price: $238.00

Luxury Australian-born fragrance brand, St Rose cleanly formulated fine fragances in New York to inspire and uplift. Vigilante exudes a dark sensuality through wood, spice, and leather.


  • Spicy rose and tobacco
  • Woody leather notes

Shop at St Rose for $238.00


Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

Jo Malone London
Price: $284.00

Immerse yourself in a sensorial experience with luxury English fragrance house Jo Malone London. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily’s calming blend of lily, black orchid and rare Kyara incense evoke the essence of evening.


  • Aromatic and smokey black cardamom
  • Sensual notes of rare Kyara incense

Shop at Jo Malone London for $284.00


Comme des Garçons
Price: $154.00

Rumoured to have sold out before its launch, Comme des Garçon Black aims to promote a feeling of power, optimism and confidence.  A smokey, spiced fragrance for the cool kids on the block.


  • Spicy black pepper and leather
  • Soft smokey pepperwood, cedar and vetiver

Shop at MECCA for $154.00

Imagery credit to Lucy Alcorn @lucy_alcorn


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