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Pack Like a Pro with Samsonite

Samsonite's essential packing tips for your next vacation

To celebrate the start of Euro Summer and as half of Australia leaves for the northern hemisphere, we had the pleasure to speak to John Mavroudis, General Manager of Samsonite Brands about his top tips on packing for your dream vacation.

Known for their exceptional quality bags, suitcases and luggage for travel, Samsonite has been helping travellers for 111 years. This year alone they released collaborations with some of the worlds top brands such as New Balance and BOSS.

Below are some essential tips to make your packing and traveling a little bit easier!

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The Smaller the Better


For efficient packing during your trip, opt for a smaller suitcase to prevent overpacking and to keep items secure and avoid breakages during transit. Your suitcase is your rolling wardrobe – you want to map out your outfits for your travel and bring a suitcase that caters to the trip length and purpose. For example, a carry on or small checked case would be advised for quick trips rather than a large checked in case.




Sam Classic Leather Duffle

Country Road

Quilted Logo Tote


Traveller Type


The suitcase you choose should also match your type of travel. If you are going for an event, our Nuon case has a removable garment divider for shirts, suits and dresses. Our New Balance collection is perfect if you an active traveller who wants to remain stylish in your travels. The collection also includes a cross body bag which is perfect for day trips. If you are travelling for a few weeks, we recommend our C-lite case. It’s durable and stylish but extremely light to allow for extra shopping and packing space. To maximise packing space but minimise over-packing, always utilise all the features of your suitcase such as tie down straps, dividers and organisational compartments to make packing easy.








Organisation is Key


Organise your clothing into categories to avoid double ups and unnecessary items, and pack shoes separately to prevent dirt transfer. We also recommend using packing cubes to keep things organised. Layer softer items like t-shirts over crisp shirts to cushion and minimize creases. Consider flat packing over rolling to reduce shirt creases and save time ironing. When you arrive at your hotel/accommodation, hang shirts immediately to further prevent wrinkles, and if there is no iron, take advantage of steam from the shower to smooth out any remaining creases!


Tech Kit


Shoe Bag

Strand Bags

Packing Cubes 5 Pack



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