En Route Beauty - All Time Greatest Hits: Lip Balms

All Time Greatest Hits: Lip Balms

Because, who can function with chapped lips?

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I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to beauty products. You name it, masks, oils or serums basically everything that has anything to do with hydration, you only need to tell me once and click, it’s in my shopping cart. 

Lip balms are no different, you’ll find me squeezing them for every last drop, similar to that tube of toothpaste I can seemingly make last even though it was definitely empty days ago. 

They are one of the many essentials that I haven’t been able to live without, and one that I frequently misplace, come to think of it, I swear I just bought a new tube recently…

Every time I find one that has gone astray, my heart flourishes with joy when I add it back into rotation. A true testament to what real love is in this fickle world of beauty that I live in.

Alas, not all are made equally.

I’ve tried many in my lifetime and these lip balms are the ones I keep turning back to because when a lip balm fails to do its job, it rocks me so deep in my core I feel cheated on.

Besides, who can function with dry chapped lips?

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This lip balm has likely been around longer than you and I combined, owing to its humble beginnings as the hand-poured and tinned cold sore remedy.

I’d say this is the hardest working lip balm on the block with it’s iconic ‘tingling feeling’ that lets us know it must be working!

My favourite has always been the original, but did you know they just released a new Pineapple Mint flavour?

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$5.99 from priceline.com.au



Made from medical grade lanolin, this lip balm is all-natural everything.

I find myself squeezing out extra for my lips and applying the leftovers on my cuticles

I’m all about their Tinted Lip Balms especially during the winter to give me a little bit of colour without having to use a lipstick.

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$16.95 from lanolips.com


A lip balm formula that has been passed down through three generations has found its way into the tubes of what we can now call, Breeze Balm.

Recently making its mark on my own lips, I can truly attest that this lip balm has quickly made its way to the top of my all-time greats.

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$19.95 from breezebalm.com


The mango flavour smells so delicious you’d have to stop yourself from eating it!

I wouldn’t say this is a heavy-duty lip balm like the aforementioned, but its one to reach for when you’re in need of silky soft lips with a little added moisture.

Crafted with Squalane and Vitamin E so your lips are instantly soft and supple.

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$15.00 from kiehls.com.au


The first fancy lip balm I ever fell in love with would have to be Burt’s Bees.

Of course, the original is the best, but I can’t look past the Coconut and Pear flavour which deserves a mention, enriched with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Yum!

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$6.95 from adorebeauty.com.au


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