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Wardrobe Essentials: The Trouser

Chapter 2

With Winter fast approaching and Gen Z telling us those skinny jeans are out, you might be looking for an alternate leg warmer that isn’t made from denim. So let us help you with your cold-weather shopping in chapter 2 of the Wardrobe Essential series – The  Trouser.

Like most wardrobe essentials, the trouser has been reinvented each decade to suit the ever-changing trends. The history of the trouser is one of empowerment, looking at decades such as the 1920s and 40s bringing women out of the same old feminine dressing of the time into a new era of power dressing and riding the wave of feminism with a simple pant. With the freedom of movement in the 60s and 70s, the 80s firmly cemented the trouser as a staple for independent strong women and are still worn today marking their place as a wardrobe essential.



A go-to for businesswomen and style lovers alike, the tailored trouser has been worn since the silent film era and has remained the top pick of all the trouser styles. In the modern era, celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Zendaya are embracing the trend and rocking the iconic pant.




Tapered trouser

Country Road

Crop pant


Pleat front pant

Victoria Beckham

Relaxed trousers




Known as the ‘more polished sweatpant’ the slouchy trousers hold the crown as the most comfortable out of all the trouser styles. More of a masculine look, the slouchy is worn in a casual setting, it’s a favourite for Gen Z and is supported by models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber.




Drawstring pant


Cargo pants

Nili Lotan

Paris pants

Cotton On

Drew pant


Wide Leg


The chicest style of the pant family, the wide leg is a top pick of the fashion professionals. Flattering the waist, the wide bottoms help bring together a classic looking outfit perfect for a professional and party setting.




Twill wide-leg trousers

Bec + Bridge

Ladina knit pant

Matthew Bruch

Wide leg pleated pant

Sir. the Label

Coppola pant


Split Front


The most modern of all the trousers, the split front pants came into popularity in the mid-2010s. This style did the unthinkable and lasted long after its popularity height with top fashion personalities and style icons still rocking this new style.




Split front pant


Split front pant

Adam Lippes

Flare pant


Ponte pant



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