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Wardrobe Essentials: Sweaters

Chapter 4

No matter what the season, a trusty sweater is a must year-round. Perfect to layer in winter or draped over the shoulders to lunch on a spring day – sweaters have become the essential choice of upper wear for the ages.

Coming in different types of fabrics, styles and cuts the most popular sweaters will be found made from wool or cashmere. A classic crew or turtleneck sweater can make any outfit come together, basically, it’s the classy cherry on top. But just because this same type of sweater has been worn through the decades doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with new styles, calling the new and on-trend quarter zip, popular for everything from going to the gym to a day in the office. That’s the thing that makes the sweater one of our favourite essentials period. It’s an investment you can wear year in and out, no matter your age, body type and ever-changing style.


Made for sports and gym-goers, the sweatshirt has had a rebirth thanks to Covid and Gen Z. Usually paired with some bike shorts (an ode to Princess Diana), the sweatshirt really came to popularity in the 80s and seems to be a keeper even if a gym day isn’t a part of your schedule.


PE Nation

Elevate Sweat

Alo Yoga

Polo Henley Pullover


Recycled Sweatshirt


Forever Fleece Crew


Brenton Stripes

Stripes in general have been an essential part of fashion and clothing for the last century thanks to it’s slimming illusion. The classic French Brenton Stripes are a wardrobe staple, paired with a pair of jeans giving the effortless and timeless look we all aspire to.



Mock Neck Striped Sweater


Oversized striped wool Sweater


Zariyah Pinstripe Sweater


Retro Organic Rib Sweater



An absolute classic of the sweater family, the trusty turtleneck brings a touch of class to any outfit. Mostly found in monotone shades, it’s a form-hugging style that will never go out of style.


SIR. the Label

Jeane High Neck Sweater


Clarisse Turtleneck Sweater


Recycled Turtleneck

Saint Laurent

High-neck cropped sweater


Quarter Zip

The most modern of the trends, the quarter zip is a unisex trend born from the preppy culture of country clubs and private schools. It’s become one of the biggest trends of the decade made in everything from wool to polyester for every budget – it’s a comfy versatile sweater that everyone should have in their wardrobe.



Rib Knit Jumper

Lorna Jane

Quarter Zip Jumper

adidas Originals

1/4 zip fleece

Mr Mittens

High-neck quarter-zip



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