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Cardis Are Back, Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Need One

This trend has come full circle

Button them, zip them, drape them over your shoulders. Tuck them in, tie them around your waist or eat pizza on the couch in them — whatever you choose to do in yours you can’t deny the humble cardigan is back and I am quietly pleased about it.

As I think back and this is no word of a lie, my most recent memories of a cardigan being worn are from my 82-year-old Grandma as we played Scrabble on her dining room table. 

So I am as surprised as you to see just how chic the cardigan has become. 

Not yet convinced? I have 7 reasons below that will change your mind. 



Reason one: They Go With Everything 

The last place I was planning on wearing a cardigan was over a pair of tailored trousers and a button-front shirt, but it’s Adenorah who told us it’s now ok to do so and be all business on the bottom and cool/ casual on the top. 

Reason Two: They Act as a Top AND a Cardigan

Now, I am all about the dual-purpose nature of products so when something has the ability to be a 2 for 1, I need no further convincing. 

Reason Three: They Pair Easily 

Meaning that the cardigan of your choice will likely pair with most things in your wardrobe. It’s also likely you can find a complimentary bottom in a similar fabric or tone making a cute co-ord option which all the cool kids seem to be doing. 

Finders Keepers

Amor Cardigan


Knitted Cardi


Merino Cardigan


Cable Knit Cardi


Knit Cardigan

Lulu & Rose

Greta Cardi


Reason Four: They’re Not All Neutral 

Just because they are often crafted from natural fibres that don’t mean you can’t be colourful about it. Take it from Jessie Bush and mix your neutrals with a rainbow. 




Bryley Cardi


Button Front Cardigan


Volume Sleeve Cardigan




Daisy Cardi


Reason Five: Revert to Reason 3 – They Pair Easily 

Reason Six: Because They’re Cute

Case and point this number worn by Holly Lee Lu. 


Reason Seven: You Can Tuck Them In

Picture this, it’s a cold winters day and you need to leave the house for supplies. You throw on your favourite cardigan but you’re still cold. Enter: the cardi tuck.


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