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Shortcut Your Journey To Success

Straight from the teachings of a female leadership coach

“The problem I see women experiencing the most is that the Western world is moving and it isn’t geared up for women and women’s bodies” says Women’s Leadership Coach, Sarah Blackah.

“Everything has become more outcome orientated leaving women in a world with an imbalance of masculine energy leading to burning out, feeling overwhelmed, constantly juggling, tired, exhausted and disconnected – most obviously it’s keeping us in our head and out of touch with ourselves”

Sarah Blacker, an entrepreneur, builder of businesses who is trained in women’s embodiment and intuition coaching is a women’s leadership coach looking to help women learn, understand and practice the power of listening to your intuition.

“I want to help women find a new way of doing things and shorten the journey to success without all the fluffy woo woo shit”

So strap yourself in as we sit down with Sarah to learn exactly what it is she does and how we too can tap into a new way of success for the modern woman in 5 easy ways.

Let’s start with what exactly is embodiment? 

Sarah explains “It’s the opposite of what most women currently feel. Often a woman’s current reality is being stuck in our own heads which only allows us to create based on what we know.

Embodiment allows you to feel more connected; access more creativity, more intuition. It’s about creating a strategic relationship with your intuition because if we’ve learnt anything it’s that some of the worlds most successful people are very intuitive”

Becoming more connected to who you inherently are is a process. It takes time and understanding the below are 5 ways women can work on this – no time like the present right? 

I want to help women find a new way of doing things and shorten the journey to success without all the fluffy woo woo shit


#1. Know Yourself & What You Really Want – Be Honest With Yourself 

You can do this by activating creativity, saying yes to things and really aiming to inspire creative energy through action. This is really about working through what it means to have a sense of meaning and purpose. How do we do this?

  • Follow your highest inspiration. If money wasn’t a factor what would you be doing day to day in order to feel fulfilled?
  • Write down your values and practice them. Tap into what these really are.
  • Work with a coach in 1-1 sessions, attend a workshop or seek out someone to help you get clear – use them as as a sounding board 
  • Trust yourself. How many times has hindsight taught you this?

Most people are too scared to validate their intuition so find someone that can hold you to your ultimate vision for yourself and identify any beliefs that keep you from ultimately achieving this.

#2. Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Body 

There is so much noise in today’s information era. We need to seek out practices like yoga, pilates, tai chi – anything that encourages stillness.

Dancing is another way to shift energy. When we move our hips we access our sensuality and our creativity. 

If neither of those is your thing you can even just stand up, shake your head and walk around the room. The intention is to keep energy by literally moving the body with the aim of moving old energy and old emotions.

#3. Environment Is EVERYTHING

It’s true that you are only as good as the company you keep. 

It is SO important to keep your circle of influence packed with people who inspire you, see you and support the vision. Don’t be afraid to seek out like-minded people via Facebook or mentoring groups. 

In today’s modern age you really can’t be afraid to ask, network and connect. If you’re looking to create change in your life, the fastest way to shift is to put yourself around people living the life you want. 

#4. Have A Strong Self-Care Game 

Your physical and mental health are connected and both are just as important as the other. You need to continually work on the inside and out to ensure you’re overcoming limiting beliefs and ultimately strengthening your money mindset. 

Practical ways you can do this are by:

  • Talking to yourself in a kind way 
  • Work on sustaining your ultimate vision for yourself by appointing someone like a coach who can hold you to it
  • Physically write things down. Get into a flow state and let yourself go because you’ll be surprised at a lot of your own answers and when it’s on paper, it’s real.
      • *Flow state: being fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus – more on this below
  • Most importantly, give yourself permission to be imperfect. It is so common for women to face mental blocks because they’re always trying to aim for perfection. 

#5. Find Your Flow

This is the most exciting step because this is where you mentally construct your perfect environment. 

This is the most important question to ask yourself: If you were to create your perfect life what would it actually look like? Be really detailed here and detail everything in your ideal day from the moment you wake until the moment you sleep. 

Once you’re clear on what it is you’re aiming for, form this into your long term vision. How many steps is it going to take to get here? What do those steps look like? 

Lastly, stay with your practice. 

You may not know how it’s going to happen but you must stay with your vision. Commit to rewiring your belief systems and know that you deserve it.

The final bit of advice? Be open to opportunities coming in because you never know what they’re going to bring. 

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