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6 Women Being Mums And Looking Cool While Doing It

Doing it mum style

Clementine McVeigh En-Route



Mum Style‘ isn’t often a trend we have saved for later on Instagram, but I think it’s high time it was after all ‘Dad Style’ has certainly had its moment (you can thank Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers for that). 

As it turns out this new wave of ‘Mum Style’ is something we should all be striving for as these women are the real style heroes to come out of ISO — I mean can you even imagine trying to work, live and keep your kids entertained/fed/alive AND dress yourself while on lockdown?

For me, this is a real stretch of the imagination. Those days where I’ve defaulted to leggings and a pasta-sauce-stained jumper, also happen to be the same days I see these Mums in a polished head-to-toe get-up with several kids in tow and I think to myself, those are some real gold-medal-winning-worthy efforts right there.  

So here’s to all those Mums out there who manage to pull together their families and their wardrobes — I bow to you ladies.

I realise kicking things off here with none other than Clementine McVeigh is really setting the bar high —  I mean there are very few of us who can catwalk down the hallway in a swimsuit and look that good. But, Clementine has essentially flipped the idea of ‘Mum Style’ entirely on its head because there isn’t ever a stained jumper or ill-fitting, elastic-waisted pants in sight. Like EVER. 

Though anytime I happen across Clementine’s Instagram, I never leave feeling like I’ve been set-up for failure when I become a Mum. In fact, I am inspired when thinking about the effort it must take to wrangle two kids and a runway look on the daily.

You go, Clementine McVeigh, you go! 

Rachelle Rowlings En-Route


We are being served SO much Mum style from the master, Rachelle Rowlings right now (case in point that AJE denim Rachelle has going on). It blows my mind not only the effort here but the CREATIVITY — Rachelle, please can we shop directly from your wardrobe, sincerely everyone.

There is an abundance of inspiration here on Rachelle’s Instagram, only met by equal amounts of kid cuteness from an adorable family. 








I can’t be sure what they’re putting in the water over there at the Pitt household, but Montarna Pitt sure has this Mum style thing on lockdown (see what I did there, ha!)

Maybe it’s Montarna’s ability to pair high-end and high-street that got me, but whatever it is about this Mum, it’s worth a screenshot and a trip to Zara’s knit section online, STAT!


Ah, Deborah Symond-O’Niel, where do I begin with you.

You’re a true style master and it seems the addition of a little bundle of joy to your life hasn’t altered a thing in the style department.

You’re able to seamlessly pull together a rotating wardrobe of never-ending style inspiration — it really is the gift that keeps on giving. 



This new mum, Mon Bowie knows a thing or two about Mum style and each look showcase on Instagram feels effortlessly beachside chic.

If your wardrobe consists of nothing more than linen, denim and swimsuits then this Mum should be your go-to for your next inspired shop. 


Let me kindly remind you these women are M-U-M-S and still manage to look effortlessly cool and this Mum, Ashley Syne is no exception.

Yes, I know Ashley is a stylist by trade but that doesn’t mean she has any more time on the clock than we do and still creates looks like this epic head-to-toe beige ensemble.

If you needed any more convincing that Mum style is the next big thing, then this should settle it.  


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