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A Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wines

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Appreciating Fine Wines with Brand and Hospitality Director at Millon Wines

On the back of Millon Wine’s Shiraz, ‘The Masterpiece’ being awarded a prestigious Gold rating and ranked it the #1 Shiraz of 2020 from Eden Valley. We asked their Brand and Hospitality Director Amy Guo some tips on how to understand and appreciate fine (and delicious) wines!

So let’s skip the usual “see, swirl, smell, and sip” technique and dive into something more insightful. Below are a few key pointers from Amy to get you started.

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  • Start with the Basics: Understanding wine begins with knowing the fundamental types. Familiarise yourself with the primary wine categories—reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, dessert wines & so on. Each type offers a unique profile, catering to different tastes and occasions.


  • Explore Different Regions: Wine reflects its origin. Start exploring wines from different regions to appreciate the diversity. Each region imparts unique characteristics to its wines due to variations in climate, soil, and winemaking styles.


  • Recognise Quality Indicators: Fine wines are characterised by their balance, complexity, and finish. Balance refers to the harmony between acidity, tannins, and alcohol. Complexity involves the range of flavours and aromas that evolve over time. The finish is the lingering taste that remains after swallowing. The Masterpiece is a perfect example, showcasing intricate layers of flavour and a long, satisfying finish.


  • Explore Aging Potential: Fine wines often have the potential to age gracefully, developing more complex flavours over time. Understanding how aging affects wine can enhance your appreciation. Proper storage is key to preserving and enhancing these characteristics.


  • Pair Thoughtfully: While fine wines can be enjoyed on their own, pairing them with the right food can enhance their flavours. Experiment with different pairings to see how the wine’s complexity interacts with various dishes.

2020 Masterpiece Shiraz

Millon Wines
Price: $140.00


Price: $25.00

Clares Secret Rosé

Millon Wines
Price: $22.00

McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $24.99

Belena Sangiovese

Calabria Family
Price: $20.00

Pinot Gris

Millon Wines
Price: $27.00

Cote des Roses rosé

Gerard Bertrand
Price: $24.99

Classic Shiraz 2021

Price: $25.00

2022 Syrah

Bird in Hand
Price: $40.00


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