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A Gin For Your Troubles

Booze with benefits. Where do we order?

I hate to admit it, but I’ve found myself reaching for my bar cart a little more than usual these last few weeks and it’s looking like those weeks may turn into months now that we’ve all be encouraged to #stayhome.

So if this is my new norm, how can I come out the other side a healthier version of me while not having to give up cocktail hour. My answer? Impression Gin, a boutique Gin made with naturally-sourced vitamin C and collagen-rich botanicals. I’ll consider this a facial for my liver. 

"We wanted to do gin differently, something for the health conscious - people who like to keep fit and eat well, yet are still up for a good time with friends…” -Cherida Forde, Co-Founder.

Be your best mixologist self this weekend and whip up a Gin cocktail with all the benefits.

30ml Impression Gin 
Shave of orange peel
A thin slice of orange (cut round)
1 cinnamon stick 
Top with Fever-Tree Indian tonic water

Add a scoop of ice to your preferred Gin glass
Place the orange peel against the side of the glass 
Pour in the gin 
Top with tonic water and add the cinnamon stick to garnish.
*Option to use flavoured tonic water such as grapefruit or orange

“This is gin with benefits. Make your own Impression”

Purchase a bottle of Impression Gin from the comfort of your own couch this Friday, April 3rd from 4:30 pm AEST from Impression Gin

Looking for more cocktail recipes? Perhaps you just prefer Vodka. Try these ones as well. 



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