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Combat the Chill: Skincare tips from an expert

Combat the Chill with Expert Skincare Tips by Renowned Facialist April Brodie

Our vigorous skincare routine is an essential to everyday but in Winter it’s an unskippable step of your day. As the chill in the wind hits your face, making sure your skin stays plump and hydrated can be a difficult task.

We’ve asked renowned facialist April Brodie for her top tips to save your skin this Winter.

April explains “As we transition into the winter months, it’s crucial to adapt our skincare routine to combat the harsh environmental conditions. Just like we change our clothing to stay warm, we should change our skincare by using heavier creams or balms or layering our skincare products to provide adequate protection and hydration. Think of it as building a skincare “winter wardrobe” with essential steps: cleanse, serum, oil, cream, and/or balm.”

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During winter, consider switching to a cleansing balm, as it provides extensive nourishment for your skin amid colder weather.

de mamiel

Restorative Cleansing Balm


Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm


Purifying Enzyme Cleansing Balm




During the colder months, our skin craves richer formulas, such as creams, to provide enhanced protection and hydration. The colder air can strip the skin of moisture, making it essential to incorporate thicker hydrators that create a barrier against environmental aggressors.


The #1 Crème


Banana Bright+ Instant Glow Moisturizer

Summer Fridays

Rich Cushion Cream




Overnight is the optimal time for skin renewal and repair, making it the perfect opportunity to boost hydration levels with a nourishing mask or a thicker moisturiser. Sleep masks, in particular, offer intensive corrective treatment and are recommended for use a few times a week as the final step in your evening skincare routine.



Overnight Vitalizing Face Mask


Water Sleeping Mask


Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask



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