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How Often Should You Really Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

MUA to the stars Hannah Martin tells all.

“Just one more time,” we tell ourselves, reaching for that caked-on makeup brush when we’re running 15 minutes late already. “I’ll wash it on the weekend.”

It’s time to lay down the hard truth: we need to take better care of our makeup brushes. While it’s ever-so-tempting to keep using the same blender or brush until it changes colour, they need to be refreshed regularly—and thoroughly.

Ciaté London Ambassador and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Hannah Martin dishes the (literal) dirt on how to take care of the tools that take care of us.

What is the most effective way to clean makeup brushes?

There are lots of products for cleaning makeup brushes and blenders, but I prefer using a mild shampoo. I wet the head of the makeup brushes or blender then, pop a little shampoo in the palm of my hand before swirling the brush or blender in the palm of my hand. After swirling the brush head or blender in my hands, I rinse the head of the brush and blender under a basin of water. When I think it’s completely clean, I’ll do a final quick rinse under running water to ensure it’s completely rid of any shampoo and gently wring out the water, leaving the tools to dry over the edge of a surface – or even in some sunshine!


How often should I get rid of my makeup tools?

How often you change your brushes depends on how well you look after them. If you look after a brush, then there won’t be a need to replace them! Some of my brushes, I’ve had for 15+ years. In terms of makeup blenders, it’s best to change these every few months or years, depending especially if your skin type has shifted and if the colouring has altered.


How do you get shimmery eyeshadow particles out of makeup brushes?

I like to really scrub the brushes into the palm of my hand to get rid of eyeshadow residue.

What should you not clean makeup brushes with?

I don’t love using anything overly fragranced to clean my brushes. For example, some hand soaps or liquids detergents can leave a strong smell on the brushes which may irritate the skin. The harsher the product it could leave the brush hairs feeling coarse so, stick to either specific makeup brush cleaners – I do love Bobbi Brown Brush Cleansing Gel – or gentle shampoo.


Can you soak makeup brushes to clean them?

I strongly advise against soaking brushes as too much. Water can be detrimental to the glue that binds the bristles so, I recommend dipping the brush or blender in the water and making sure they’re entirely dry before using.


How do personally clean makeup brushes as a pro MUA?

I—like other MUA’s—deep clean my brushes after each use with a client, but I do spray my brushes whilst working with The Pro Hygiene Collection antibacterial spray. Simply spray a tissue with the antibacterial spray and sweep the brush head over the tissue.




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