Spring cocktails to sip on - En Route

Spring cocktails to sip on

Quench your thirst with these delicious cocktails this Spring

818 Pura Margarita (Blanco)

60ml 818 Tequila Blanco
30ml Fresh Lime Juice
30ml Agave Syrup (50% Agave Nectar, 50% Water)

(1) Shake all ingredients with ice
(2) Strain and serve over fresh ice

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DNA Distillery Mojito

60ml DNA Distillery Classic Rakija
30ml lime juice
15ml simple syrup
6 mint leaves (clap it between your hands to release flavour)
Soda Optional

(1) Compiled ingredients in glass
(2) Add soda or lemonade for some fizz
(3) Mix well and garnish with mint and lime

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Licor 43 Espresso 433

30ml Licor 43 Original
1 hot espresso coffee
Ice cubes

(1) Pour a hot espresso shot into a cocktail shaker, then add Licor 43 Original, Vodka and Ice cubes
(2) Shake well, double strain and serve

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Monnet VS Swizzle

30mls Monnet VS
30mla passionfruit Pulp Apera
20mls Lemon
15mls White Chocolate Liquor
10mls Honey

(1) Build all ingredients into shaker
(2) Shake and strain into a tall glass
(3) Add two scoops of crushed ice and lightly swizzle
(4) Top with crushed ice
(5) Grate nutmeg on top
(6) Garnish with lemon twist

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