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Tried & Tested Methods to Ditch Dry Skin for Good

Time to say ‘cya’ to Winter skin

It’s official: we’re so over this cold weather. Between venturing out in the cold for a spicy marg and blasting the reverse aircon to stay cosy, our skin has copped a beating this season. But what exactly causes it to become so dry? 

Along with existing skin type considerations, the aforementioned elements are the main culprits. Environmental elements like heading out in windy conditions, extra-hot showers (guilty) and sitting in front of the heater are major contributors to dehydrated skin. A commonly overlooked factor, however, is not adjusting our beauty routines to protect and maintain our skin. 

Key ingredients to include when switching out your skincare are: 

  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • AHAs
  • Niacinamide
  • Marine Collagen
  • Algae or Aloe
  • Macadamia, Avocado and Coconut Oil

While each dermatologist and beauty editor will have their own suggestions on keeping dry skin at bay during Winter, here are my tried and tested methods for staying hydrated.

Layer Up


Rugging up isn’t just a wardrobe essential – it’s a skin must-do too. Be sure to start with an essence or hydrating toner (yes, these exist! Thanks First Aid Beauty) before applying a nourishing serum that’s formulated to soak deeper into the skin. If you’re usually an ‘only heavy creams at night’ kinda babe, rethink this for the cooler months and apply a thicker barrier—like the Fresh Rose Face Cream—to seal in moisture.


First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner

The Neo Mortal

overnight transforming serum

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream

Rose Deep Hydration Cream

Urban Jungle

Glow With The Flow Gel Serum


Lock It In


Once your skin has been thoroughly prepped, it’s all about maintenance. Keep your skin from drying out by spritzing a facial mist throughout the day. Masks are also key for a hydration hit post-cleanse—opt for one that you can leave on while you sleep, it’s a game-changer. Finally, don’t forget your SPF! Choose a sunscreen which also has skin-loving ingredients for even more protection


Alya Skin

Collagen Sleep Mask


Regeneration Mist

Summer Fridays

Jet Lag Mask

We Are Feel Good Inc

Good Morning SPF 50


Glow Get It 


The grass is always greener—whenever winter comes around, all we want is dewy skin and a sun-kissed glow (without the 40° heat). Fake the tropical vacay by mixing tan drops like the Orro & Co ones into an extra-creamy body lotion, which will create an even, bronzed glow. Don’t forget to keep removing drier than usual skin as well with a body exfoliant. For an extra polished, hydrated appearance, opt for a body oil or gloss as a finishing touch.


Orro & Co

Amalfi Glow Drops


Body Nutrition Lotion

Kate Somerville

ExfoliKate Body Scrub

Ciaté London

Dewy Stix Body Gloss


Hydration Eco-System


Staying hydrated is pretty much a full-time job, but one that’s deeply satisfying. Start with facial skins then work your way to the lips, your limbs and then turn your attention inwards. Never underestimate how important it is to keep up your water intake—invest in a gorgeous carafe like this one from Fazeek to make it more achievable. Ingestibles are also a great way to make your H20 more drinkable, not to mention additional internal benefits!



Hydra-Essentiel Lip Balm

Ole Henrikson

BeamCream Body Moisturizer

Habitual Beauty

Advanced Skin + Gut Collagen Elixir


 Water Tumbler



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