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Viral Beauty: Channeling Rich Girl Hair

An Interview with Posey Broomhall at Harpo Hair

It’s official, ‘Rich Girl Hair’ is in for 2024. 

Hear me out, this aesthetic is for everyone. With ‘Rich Girl’ hair, comes simply a nod to choosing styles and shades for your locks that compliment and suit your skin tones, emphasising rich, bold colours and subtle natural highlights that give an ‘old money’ aesthetic.  

Last week, I sat down with Beauty entrepreneur and owner of Harpo Hair Salon, Posey Broomhall on all things trending hairstyles, viral hacks and what not to do in honour of Harpo Hair hitting 10 years in business in Melbourne. 

Renowned for its iconic blow waves, Harpo Hair Salon has given an estimated 35,010 blow waves since its inception in 2014, growing from a team of just 1 member, Posey, to their now 12 team strong across two locations. In salon, you can find familiar haircare favourite brands in use, including Kevin Murphy, K18 and Kerastase Paris, with each product carefully curated to match your hair type, colour and desired outcome. 

Alongside the success of Harpo Hair, Posey runs luxe sleepwear and bathroom product label Bompies, which offers stylish, salon-quality accessories that promote hair health whilst looking chic all from the comfort of your home – Their Bompies towel wrap has become my haircare staple since picking it up. 

Without further ado, let’s chat all things hair with Posey Broomhal.

Rosie xx

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What’s trending in the Hair Salon in 2024?

Voluminous hair and playing into that ‘Rich Girl Aesthetic’ is big on trend this year, along with the ‘Mob wife’ style of the glossy, bouncy blow wave. Beyond this, the biggest trend to emerge is healthy hair, meaning using less heat and ensuring your hair is in the best condition to hold styles for days on end. 

Post shower, the Bompies towel wrap absorbs 70% of water in the air to prevent the need to blow-dry your hair for longer, minimising the amount of heat damage inflicted to the hair. Pair it with the Bompies shower cap when not washing your hair to maintain your style for longer and lessen the amount of heat on the hair.

What colours are trending this Autumn?

Natural hair colours are in, but not necessarily your ‘natural hair colour’. 

Many clients are requesting natural colours, with ‘lived-in blonde’ and subtle shades becoming the most sought-after requests. Adding beautiful tones throughout your natural hair that complement your complexion won’t drain your look – Even when it comes to natural rich dark brown shades, adding some different tones throughout will liven up the look and help your hair look its best. 

What hairstyles are you predicting will be popular in 2024 and beyond?

This year, the mid-length haircut going just below shoulder length and the bouncy blow wave will be the most popular styles. 

I started my career doing bouncy blow waves for my Auntie, who loved the ‘Rachel’ from Friends hairstyle.  bouncy blow wave is always one of the first styles we teach our staff at Harpo. 

What celebrities are setting the hair trends this season?

Everyone has so many different people to look to for fashion, hair tips, styles, and trends, from influencers to celebrities. I don’t see just one celebrity hairstyle trending, but there have been a couple – Taylor Swift’s blonde, especially after she dominated Australia this year, and the David Beckham cuts for men and boys after the Beckham documentary came out were two stand-outs. 

As Harpo Hair marks its milestone 10th anniversary, what are some trends you’ve seen fall off since 2014?

There hasn’t been one thing that has stopped, but we now see more of a variety of hairstyles, whereas, in our early days, there were only a few stock favourites. Nowadays, everyone has such a strong sense of personal style that we see a variety every day. It’s so good to keep us motivated to keep learning and educating – Our team take part in education days outside the salon so we can keep evolving and offering new, trending techniques to our clients. 

What’s the best viral hair hack you’ve seen come out in the last year?

Using a good, absorbing towel wrap to remove the majority of moisture from your hair before blowdrying, and adding a good shower cap to prolong a blow-dry and add time between washes have been the best trends to come out.

What’s one viral hair hack you won’t recommend to any clients?

‘How to cut your fringe’. It never works, and we often can’t fix it until it grows out, even with all the TikTok tutorials and tools that say they’ll help!

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You can visit Posey Broomhall at Harpo Hair located at A750 Hampton St and A129 Were St, Brighton, Victoria 3186. 

Shop the Bompies Towel Wrap and Shower Cap online now at – Your hair health will thank you.


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