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Viral Beauty: Statement Making Fragrances

Viral Beauty: New-In Fragrances to make a statement

Ever walk past someone and immediately take note of how they smell? Well, it’s not just you, it’s how our brains are designed to work, and scent is one of our strongest senses.

They say scent is one of the first things you notice about a person when you meet them, and we couldn’t agree more. A striking, bold fragrance can leave a lasting impression.

Luckily, July has been no stranger to new fragrance launches, and we’re always in the mood for a vanity refresh as we embrace the start of a new month. After all, a uniquely-chosen scent can be a powerful expression of self, leaving a lingering trail of allure wherever you go.
Rosie xx


Orange Marmalade Cologne

Jo Malone
Price: $256.00

In celebration of the upcoming film ‘Paddington in Peru’, Jo Malone London have announced a deliciously sweet collaboration. The limited edition Orange marmalade cologne is a nod to the famous bear’s favourite snack, and boasts a warm wood of orange zest to create a marvellous, golden fragrance. Quintessentially British, this zesty, refreshing fragrance is guaranteed to evoke a sense of nostalgia with the smallest spritz. As Paddington bear would say, “Please look after this bottle!”.

Olympea Le Parfum

Price: $252.00

Ignite your inner Goddess and elevate your everyday life with Rabanne’s newest Olympea Parfum, the first fragrance release featuring Rabanne’s signature ‘R’ logo. Beyond it’s striking bottle, affixed with metallic gold wings, the deeply alluring fragrance is the most mysterious of the Olympea range to date. Crafted with delicate top notes of sage, heat notes of solar jasmine and orange flower, and a base of deep vanilla and sensual musk, this mysterious bottle is an ode to the divine feminine beauty of she who wears it, guaranteed to leave a noticeable impression. 

Magic Energy Perfume

Charlotte Tilbury
Price: $265.00

Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that smash it out of the park, no matter what the launch is, and their step into fragrance is no different. Created with the intention to unlock emotions in every spritz, the newest collection of fragrances have been engineered to strike a cord with your emotions based on how you wish to feel post-application. The Magic Energy bottle features striking top notes of earthy myrtle oil grounded in base notes of cashmere wood and ambergris accord, casting a spell of re-awakened energy and joy to those who adorn it. Darlings! With this one, you can’t miss. 

Invictus Parfum

Price: $191.00

Channel your inner champion with your very own trophy cup – Invictus. This exhilarating scent will inspire you to embrace new heights with ease, and ensure that you get there effortlessly . Strikingly bold and crafted with notes of leather and sandalwood, it’s a sophisticated blend of rich ingredients crafted to make sure you leave a statement. Top notes of lavender and pink pepper, heart notes of violet leaf and base notes of cashmere and carnal musk, it’s the magic potion that’ll ensure you leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go. 

Isla Eaux de Parfum

Price: $350.00

If you’ve got Euro Summer FOMO, we’ve got the cure. A refreshingly light, zesty scent that captures the essence of a Mediterranean beach getaway. Reminiscent of a sunlit shores and carefully crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia through its bright, citrus notes, it’s the vacay-in-a-bottle that’s made for the Summer lover. By evening, it transforms into an elegant, exotic fragrance that makes every moment feel like a vacation. 

Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

Price: $10.00

Honorable Mention

Clean girl aesthetic, meet coquette core. This deliciously sweet deo is the everyday essential you need this Pilates season. Jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients, from Vitamin E for ultra-hydration to Shea Butter for under-arm nourishment, this one’s perfect for sensitive skin, leaving you with that all-day odour control with just one spritz. It’s available in 4 different scents, there’s one for every routine, no matter what your preference. The best part? It’s just $10 at Woolworths, so you can grab it on the go. I’ll take one in every scent, please!


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