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Supercharge Your Sheet Mask With This Genius Hack

Have we been applying sheet masks wrong this whole time?

Sheet Masks. We all know and love them for a quick pre-event glow up, hydration hit or going into maxxo-relaxo mode on a Sunday night. But have we been getting the most out of our masks?

There’s an unconventional method of sheet mask application making waves, and it might just take your skin rejuvenation to the next level. It’s also the ultimate in cosy winter skincare: applying your sheet mask warm.

Traditionally we’ve covered our faces with cold or room temperature sheet masks, aiming to soothe and calm the skin while reducing inflammation, particularly after intense clinical treatments. Emerging research* suggests that the secret to unlocking the full potential of your sheet mask lies in the power of heat. Wet heat, to be precise.

It turns out that wet heat can boost skin moisture by nearly 50% when compared to dry heat, which can potentially strip away moisture. According to renowned integrated facialist April Brodie, incorporating a touch of warmth into your sheet mask routine might just be the skincare breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

April says “While cooling face masks are undeniably crucial, designed to alleviate inflammation and provide a surge of hydration—particularly after treatments like peels, lasers, and skin needling—there’s untapped potential in integrating 10-20 minutes of low-grade heat through a warm sheet mask.”

"This approach can work wonders for those seeking to alleviate muscular tension, TMJ pain, and elevate their skin's overall health without addressing sensitivity."

We asked April Brodie to share her expert tips to achieving the ultimate warm sheet mask experience, to get the most out of your next self-care session:


Warm water method: Immerse your sealed sheet mask packet in a bowl of warm water for 3 minutes. Make sure the water is not too hot to avoid damaging the sheet mask or overheating your skin.


Towel method: Wet a clean towel with warm water and wring out the excess moisture. Fold the towel and place the sheet mask packet on top, allowing the warmth to transfer through the layers. This method offers a gentler and more controlled heat.


The hand friction technique: For those seeking a simpler yet effective method, look no further than the power of your own hands. Begin by rubbing your palms together vigorously to generate friction and heat. Once your hands are sufficiently warmed up, gently cup them over the sealed sheet mask packet, allowing the radiant warmth to transfer onto the mask. This technique offers a natural and accessible way to infuse your sheet mask with a comforting, low-grade heat.

April Brodie (Provided)

So, what does heating your sheet masks actually achieve? As well as increasing your overall comfort level in these chillier conditions, incorporating warmth into your sheet mask routine unlocks an array of benefits:

Relief from muscle pain

We’re all familiar with the instant relief that heat can bring to tired, achy muscles—think of the euphoria following a blissful hot stone massage. The same principle applies to our facial muscles, which often bear the brunt of stress, clenching, and teeth grinding

Enhanced circulation

As you warm your skin, a delightful flush emerges—a visible testament to increased circulation. This surge in blood flow nourishes your skin’s tissues with oxygen and vital nutrients, fostering healing, combatting signs of ageing, and optimising cellular function

Lymphatic drainage

The heightened circulation, coupled with the subsequent temperature reduction after removing the warm sheet mask, triggers a refreshing boost in lymphatic drainage. Our lymphatic system diligently eliminates toxins and reduces fluid retention, making this effect particularly advantageous for combating facial puffiness, dullness, and the detrimental effects of stress, pollution, alcohol, and an imbalanced diet.

“In an industry perpetually in motion, it is paramount that we remain open to fresh approaches that breathe new life into age-old techniques. Particularly in an era where stress levels are at an all-time high, any technique aimed to reduce tension and pain, and enhance well-being and quality of life, is a huge win. I just love the feeling of a warm facemask in the colder months, like a hug for your face – who could say no?”

*The effect of the moisture content of a local heat source on the blood flow response of the skin, 2009


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