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What to Expect When Switching to Natural Deodorant

You’ll never reach for the Rexona again

We’ve all been there: a warmer-than-average day, a polyester-based blouse, and matching two-toned underarms thanks to our pesky sweat glands. Not a cute look. Cue the emergency mission to your local pharmacy to find a potent, clinical-strength deo to avoid future sweat fests. 

This was certainly my experience in my late teens. I thought I was finally on to a winner: No odour! Zero sweat! Dampness gone! My shirts had been saved but little did I know, however, that this ‘miracle’ antiperspirant was achieving its results by blocking my pores entirely. 

Sweat happens for a reason—it’s our body’s way of regulating temperature, combating challenges and removing waste. Regular antiperspirants and deodorants shut down this process by using aluminium and metallic salts to clog sweat glands and therefore disallow them from exiting the body. So how do we let it out without ruining our favourite tee? 

The solution is switching to a natural formula. Fab. Easy done. 

But wait! Before you pick up a new stick or pot of paste, there’s a thing or two you should know when converting over to the ‘green side’.  We asked the MyAura Organics team to guide us through making the switch.

What Happens When You Stop Using a Regular Deodorant or Antiperspirant?


Quite simply, your body goes cold turkey on aluminium and needs to adjust. “Once you start using a natural deodorant, your body immediately starts to detox. In this detoxification process, your body is getting rid of all the built-up aluminium that has been clogging your underarm pores.”

So expect things to get a bit wet. “With your pores finally open, you’ll get a touch sweaty, but this is a good thing because it’s the body’s way of flushing out any nasties. At the same time, there will also be increased growth of odour causing bacteria which can lead you to feel a bit smellier than usual. Don’t worry, after a week or two, the odour causing bacteria levels will begin to subside, and you’ll sweat less too.”

What Can You Do To Make This Transition Easier?


During this transition there are a few things you can do to help: 

  1. Reapply your natural deodorant more frequently to help you stay fresh. MyAura deodorants and antiperspirants are the perfect size to fit into your handbag and take on the go!
  2. Try detox masks. There are many home recipe detox masks that you can try to speed up the detoxification process. These masks are said to help draw out the nasties, helping decrease the amount of time your body needs to detox. Again, the effectiveness of these is highly personal, so see how you go, and make sure to patch test on your skin first.
  3. You are what you eat! Or in this case: what you eat is how you smell. What you eat directly affects your body odour. So—you guessed it—a balanced diet will help reduce B.O.

The Final Question: Do Natural Deodorants Actually Work?


They may not come with the clinical strength that your generic deodorants in the past have, but they work by cooperating with your body’s biochemistry, rather than against it. “Most natural deodorants, like MyAura, are formulated with quality natural plant-based ingredients that are effective in absorbing wetness and neutralising odour, without the use of ingredients like aluminium (that clogs your pores). They’re also free from other ingredients like parabens, sulphates or artificial fragrances.”

The final word from the team? “If you decide to make the switch, go for it and commit, knowing it can take a few weeks to adjust.”

Still keen to make the switch? Here’s 9 tried-and-tested formulas to grace your ‘pits with! 




Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Spray Deodorant

Malin & Goetz

Botanical Deodorant


AHA Serum Deodorant


Verbena Deodorant Balm


The Armpit Detox + 100% Natural Deodorant

Drunk Elephant

Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream


Geranium Rose Antiperspirant


Deodorant Stick

Asuvi Women’s Deodorant

Women’s Deodorant

Aesop Déodorant Roll-On

Déodorant Roll-On



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