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15 Eco-Conscious Brands Doing More For The Environment

Shop sustainably next time you add to cart.

Is there any greater satisfaction than opening the door to reveal a delivery person holding a recent online shopping parcel? Perhaps knowing that the goods you’re about to open are sustainability sourced, carbon offset or made from recycled materials might rank just as highly. 

The online shopping industry has really taken its toll on our Earth: The production of new materials increased by 60% in the last 50 years, shipping and return of products make up 37% of total GHG emissions, and the fashion industry alone accounts for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. 

Despite this D-report card, it’s heartening to see forward-thinking brands adopting eco-conscious policies. Nowadays we’re seeing more brands awarded the coveted, gold standard B-Corp status, with many of our favourites also striving to do better for the environment. 

To better inform your next checkout, discover which fresh and forever-favourite companies are leading the way for environmental responsiveness.

Koala Eco

Born out of necessity after wanting a low-tox cleaning solution for their home, Jessica Bragdon and Paul Davidson’s Koala empire has expanded since 2017 to provide a solution for every dirty little corner. Formulated with the purest Australian essential oils and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable materials, the plant-based pioneers even donate a percentage to the charity One Percent for the Planet. 

Must-Have: Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner 1L Refill $20.95

conserving beauty
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Conserving Beauty

What’s in a name? Everything you need to know about this sustainable beauty newcomer, really. Their products are all 100% waterless and vegan, and their business practices are informed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Australia-born brand have dived head-first into the eco beauty vertical, developing a world-first fiber that dissolves in water, and are the first partner of the Water Footprint Network (WFN). Gold stars all round!

Must-Have: Conserve You Face Oil $55.00

Ere Perez

The supreme alchemists of natural beauty have been redefining cosmetics for over 20 years. Taking a minimal, ethical approach to what we place on our skin, their offerings are non-gmo, certified carbon neutral, and vegan. They’re even signatories of the UN Global Compact which informs best business practice on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 

Must-Have: Coco Crayon $35.00

Saint Valentine

Sydney-based artisanal jewellers Saint Valentine create modern, minimal and cherishable accessories designed to be life-long, quality keepsakes. Utilising practices such as limited releases, ethical production and minimal impact packaging, the cornerstone of their commitment to a better Earth is their recycling program—turning pre-loved pieces into precious new tokens.

Must-Have: Marseilles Hoops in Gold $135.00

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Deadly Ponies

These New Zealand leathergood darlings have cantered into the Australian market, winning fans across the ditch with their commitment to ethically sourced leathers and exquisite vegan alternatives. Doubling down on their core business values, their latest Recycle collection is delivered with zest: a zero-waste, fruit salad-inspired capsule of accessories made exclusively from leather off-cuts.

Must-Have: Pear Airpod Holder $169.00


A literal breath of fresh air, these Melbournian perfumers uphold their vision to profoundly impact people, planet and community through fragrance. Even though they’ve managed to eliminate all traces of toxins, allergens and animal-based ingredients from their seductive scents, their eco business practices carry through to manufacturing and packaging. Boasting FSC certified packaging made with recycled materials and eco-ink, they’re currently working on removing 100% of all plastics from their perfume bottles. 

Must-Have: Halcyon 55mL $175.00


While switching up your phone case to match your mood, meal or outfit may be fun, it often comes with the burden of ditching your trusty plastic protector. Not anymore! CASETiFY’s new Re/CASETIFY program provides an eco-alternative, which breaks down old phone cases, recycles consumer waste and reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint by 20%. The result? A sustainable AND stylish solution. 

Must-Have: Disco Star Girl Re/CASETiFY Impact Crush Case $100.00

Saya Skincare

Breakout natural skincare stars, Saya Skincare, have provided us with another incredible option for natural formulations which care for our environment, and our skin. Based out of Noosa, their locally-made clean products are vegan, cruelty free and ACO COSMOS Certified—a certification which ensures the holder is sourcing the highest quality ingredients for purity, traceability and sustainability. 

Must-Have: Super Serum $90.00

weDo/ Professional 

If you care about your locks and the planet, put this lush Australian haircare brand on your to-try list. Loved by the likes of screen stars like Phoebe Denyver and Nathalie Kelley, weDo’s commitment to saving our oceans from plastic goes above and beyond. For every product sold, they collect 8 bottles from the environment—so far, they’ve collected a whopping 17 MILLION bottles in partnership with Plastic Bank.  

Must-Have: weDo/ Professional Moisture and Shine Mask 150mL $36.95

fazeek carafe
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If you’ve hosted or been to a dinner party in the last few years, chances are you’ve sipped, smelt or slurped from a Fazeek homeware piece. With eye-catching glass and tableware inspired by Australia’s unique flora, their bold, colourful designs all come with a guarantee of being ethically-sourced and hand-crafted. 

Must-Have: Vice Versa Carafe In Pink & Green $149.00

Sand & Sky

In terms of dopamine packaging and innovative formulas, you can’t fault this Aussie cult classic brand, but what about its eco ethos? As it so happens, they are on a mission to keep our sands and skies clean as well. The A-beauty company commits to sustainable farming and harvesting practices, actively supports Bush Heritage regeneration and conservation projects, and all its products are 100% recyclable. 

Must-Have: Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops $83.90

Forever New

Trends come and trends go, but this accessible Australian label has made changes that are here to stay. Proudly closing the fast fashion loop, their implementation of five pillars of responsibility have seen 80% of all garments made with conscious fibres and manufacturing, with 100% of faux leather products going vegan, and over half of their polyester items recycled. Spy the ‘Conscious’ tag all over their range next time you shop online. 

Must-Have: Aria Felled Coat $249.99

Goldfield & Banks

From Blue Cyprus to Wattle and Native Sandalwood, there’s no mistaking the distinctly homegrown ingredients in this Australian perfumery’s scents. Their adoration for our delicate ecosystem can be seen at the crux of their business philosophy, only working with growers and suppliers who have the highest standards of traceability from the field to the final product. 

Must-Have: Purple Suede $310.00


We know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t coffee pods terrible for the environment?” Over the past decade, they’ve come a long way in sustainability practices, and Nespresso are leading the charge. As part of their closed-loop recycling program, both the aluminium and the coffee are recycled in the process, with the latter being composted. Every element of their business is considered now, from sustainable harvesting, recovered and recycled water use and investment in eco innovations.

Must-Have: Nespresso Atelier $499.00

By the Be

Use your hands for good with your next DIY manicure by choosing a self-care product with a highly-considered environmental impact. By the Be’s range does just this, utilising sustainable practices and ingredients such as using 100% natural and organic, plant based ingredients, and recyclable or compostable packaging. The clincher is their partnership with One Tree Planted, who plant 1 tree for every order placed. 

Must-Have: Lumierè Oil $36.00

By the Be Cuticle Oil
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