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Scent Addict? Glasshouse Launches Fragrance Collection

Ever wished you could wear your Glasshouse candle like perfume? Now you can.

Your favourite cult candle brand, Glasshouse has launched its very own fine fragrance and personal care range.

The debut collection will include 7 daringly potent Eau de Parfums created by the world’s leading perfumers alongside bath and body products so we’re all now able to pair our perfume, body lotion, shower gel and lounge room candle

“We believe that your sense of smell is the most powerful one of all. Our cult following seem to share the same view, they wanted more and we listened.”

“I am thrilled to enter this new chapter of GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES. We have always worked closely with the world’s most renowned noses and fragrance houses, whose expertise centres around fine fragrance. For the past several years, we have been launching home fragrance scents that were based on fine fragrances, many of which are revealed in this collection, so it only made sense to expand to personal care and perfume,”says Founder and CEO, Nicole Eckels.

Explore the full range here


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