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Stress-Free Skin Prep for Your Best Makeup Yet

Put down the primer and prioritise your skincare first.

The flawless base. The perfect canvas. A smooth, blank slate. There’s no denying that when your skin is prepared to carry the load of a full face of makeup, it just looks so much better. We’re not just talking about finding a holy grail ‘primer-foundation’ combo either—it needs to start with your skincare routine. 

Texture, oil, dryness and blemishes can all affect the way cosmetics sit upon the skin, and ultimately, the final outcome of your desired look. So whether you’re headed to a casual brunch or a milestone event, your skin prep is what’s going to set you up for success.



Cleanse-tone-moisturise: It’s the holy trinity of skincare routines, for good reason—it works incredibly effectively. This fool-proof routine is, really, all you need for every day. If your skin is balanced and unproblematic (lucky you!), keep your routine consistent and invest in products that contain ingredients your skin loves. 

If you’re not complexionally blessed, let us introduce you to some unsung heroes: Exfoliant. Essence. Serum. If texture is your bugbear, using an exfoliator like The Potent-C Power Scrub 1-2 times a week will work wonders. Essences are essentially a power-up for your actives, which work to increase absorbency deeper into the dermis. Serums are the cherry on top (or in the middle) of a strong routine, and can also be targeted to boost or treat just about any skin concern. Choose one, or all, to start levelling up your skin prep and reap the results come application!


Daily Facial Cleanser


Calendula Herbal Toner


Potent-C™ Power Scrub

Bondi Sands

Light’n’Dreamy Gel Moisturise

Jurlique  Activating Water Essence+

Activating Water Essence+




No matter your skin type, moisture is the key to an even, well-prepared base when it comes to beauty. Although thick, ultra-nourishing moisturising products may seem like the quickest way to dewy domination, you also need to consider your skin type and dry-down time. Opt for overnight moisture masks or heavier night creams the evening before, and stick with lighter-weight gel or day-specific moisturisers just before applying. 

Don’t forget the ultimate hydration hero: Oils. Emollient and smoothing, they immediately form a layer atop of the skin to assist with a smooth, flawless application. This moisturising mecca can also be mixed in with your foundation to sheer out and blend evenly across the face, and is an added bonus if it smells as heavenly as the Plump Fiction Face Oil.


Avocado Face Moisturiser


Barrier Restore Nutrient Oil



Urban Jungle

Plump Fiction Face Oil

Go-To Face Hero

Face Hero




Sometimes, no matter how consistent your skincare regime is, unexpected or persistent issues can derail your quest to achieve the ultimate face base. If you’re currently in hormonal hell, or external stresses have been messing with your vibe, it can show in your skin. Tools to have on-hand for these moments are the trusty pimple patch, skin correctors like the CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream to soften and blur, and a specialty skin tool which can address your most common concern.

While some of these can be easily picked up from your fave beauty outlet, it’s worthwhile consulting a professional or dermatologist to ensure you’re investing in the right cosmetic tech for you. These tools can be expensive—but tremendously targeted and effective!—so it’s important it’s doing the most, in order to have you looking your best.

Urban Jungle

Beauty Spots

The INKEY List

Succinic Blemish Treatment


Skin Renewing Night Cream


LED Lip Perfector

 La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Moisturiser
La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Moisturiser




When curating the ideal line-up of products seems too overwhelming, it’s comforting to know that some of the best in the skincare biz have bespoke, tailored kits that will get you there—fast. Look for bundles and packs that contain at least one cleansing product, one targeted serum and one AM/PM moisturiser to get the most bang for your buck. Pro Tip: Look out for these around the holidays and post-Christmas sales, as there are often more options around this time of year! Mini’s, like in the Saint Louve Divinity Kit, are also a great way of trying out what works best for your skin type.

Paula’s Choice

Triple Boost Kit


Cleanse & Treat Trio

Summer Fridays

The Morning Routine

Saint Louve

The Divinity Kit

Sunday Riley Morning Buzz
Sunday Riley

Morning Buzz



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