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What a designer packs for an international holiday

Take a look at Arms of Eve's designer Kerryn Langer's packing essentials

When she’s not designing stunning jewellery Arms of Eve‘s designer Kerryn Langer loves travelling the world. Looking for inspiration for her next collections, India has become her jewellery mecca, so what does a jewellery designer pack for her trips away?

“When packing for India, I keep it light and loose-fitting with multiple layers, I bring breathable cotton or linen shirts, pull-on pants, and a couple of maxi skirts. I buy my skirts there…they have the most beautiful prints to choose from. The key is always to be comfortable, modest and keep cool because it gets HOT!

As the temperature can vary throughout the day a scarf is always on me. It’s super handy for modesty when visiting temples, heat, and cooler nights. India has the best scarves to buy too from the finest Cashmere to the softest cotton.

Comfortable shoes are also essential. I wear sandals from day to night. Also, a key travel essential for me is I always bring ArmaForce to keep fortified.”


Linen Shirts


Maple Camel Linen Shirt

Assemby Label

Oversized Linen Shirt

Loro Piana

Linen shirt


Maxi Skirts


Thats So Fetch

Lateisha Maxi Skirt

Princess Polly

Patchwork Maxi Skirt


Ruffle Maxi Skirt




Paisley-pattern cashmere Scarf

Morgan & Taylor

Erin Scarf


Yarn Dyed Check Scarf



Arms of Eve

Birdie Gold Bracelet

Arms of Eve

Chelsea Necklace

Arms of Eve

Calile Ring



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