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Packing Checklist for Your Next Summer Holiday

Yep, it’s another Euro Summer article.

Although I was not lucky enough to jet off to Europe for some fun in the sun, Los Angeles turned out to be a fantastic substitute this year. With its palm trees, pristine beaches, and high-end boutiques, LA perfectly satisfied my northern hemisphere wanderlust that had been building up since last winter.

With average temperatures around 87ºF (or a warm 30ºC), it’s the ideal time to share my top must-haves, handy gadgets, and essential handbag items from my trip that are interchangeable for your Euro Summer packing checklist (we’re adaptable like that here).

So, whether you’re planning your next getaway or hurriedly packing before your Uber arrives, be sure to include these Euro Summer essentials in your checklist.

Checked Light Luggage

Price: $325.00

Nothing calls for a luggage upgrade like a Euro Summer trip, and this July suitcase is like splashing out on a First-Class ticket. Strong, durable yet light-as-a-feather at just at just 3.2kg, it’s the perfect companion for travelling along cobbled pathways and rolling up hills to your pokey Positano AirBnB. Despite its compact size, it’s incredibly roomy and features handy compartments like an extra mesh zip pocket and oversized clasps for keeping all your shopping in tact. Available in 7 chic colours, it also comes in a larger size for those who need a little extra space for souvenirs.


Price: $139.99

We may be wearing puffer vests here in blistering winter, but this longline, button-down linen vest from DISSH will be your best friend in Europe this year. In a silhouette which elongates the torso and flares gracefully at the hipline, it’s perfect for pairing with anything from linen slip skirts, to bermuda shorts and even styled open over your favourite summer midi-dress. We love the positioning of the oversized buttons, so there’s no awkward gaping at the bust or waistline — be gone, safetypins!


Price: $99.95

Beach towel. Cover-up. Travel scarf. Extra blanket. These luxe towels from MAYDE are the ultimate all-rounder, and oh-so-soft for any occasion on your Euro travels. Made from 100% cotton—known for its lightweight and quick-drying properties—it’s perfect for beach days, seaside picnics, and casual dinners on breezy evenings. Its stylish design adds a touch of luxury, and you’ll always have a subtle reminder of home thanks to its intricate artwork by Kalkadoon artist Glenda McCulloch.


Price: $16.95 - $22.95

Ever reached your travel destination, only to find all your liquids that you’d so meticulously packed had leaked through your luggage? Or just me… These genius pouches are lined with a waterproof fabric, meaning no slushy surprises in your suitcase. In both a small and large size, their durable and compact design makes packing and unpacking a breeze, and all your essentials like SPF, lip balm and *snacks* will be safe from spills. Also amazing for taking to the beach and packing your wet cozzies in post-dip!

Flight+ Travel Hair Dryer Gift Set

Price: $150.00

As someone who struggles enough with hair woes, I can’t risk a dodgy hotel hairdryer or worse still, no dryer at all being provided. Travelling with ghd’s mini hairdryer has been a game-changer on my holidays, and also gives me peace of mind that I won’t short-circuit the entire neighbourhood while using it. With 78% of the power of a full-sized hair dryer, you still get the same sleek, silky locks you would expect from a ghd, except with more room for souvenirs in your suitcase. It also comes with its own travel case for protection, which can hold a heat protectant and emergency hairties.

Personalised Laptop Case

Price: $74.00

Note to future self: Don’t forget to remove your laptop from the outside pocket on a super-turbulent flight. Thankfully (and much to my amazement) my laptop was in pristine condition when opening my case back in Sydney, all thanks to my Beysis Laptop Case. Its sleek design and durable material guard against bumps and scratches (well proven!), and even folds out to double as a mouse-pad and protective mat for your beloved tabletop device. The personalisation option and cute blush pink tone make this a must-have for any traveller, and will be practical long after you touch back down.


Charlotte Tilbury
Price: $80.00

It’s official: gorgeous girls wear SPF and don’t catch a tan. That’s why these Charlotte Tilbury Tanning Drops are essential for achieving a sun-kissed glow without harmful UV exposure (because we don’t want that). For a total tanning beginner, these dreamy drops were easy to use, and blend seamlessly with your moisturiser to give a natural, radiant tan without the rays. Perfect for maintaining that bronzed look throughout your trip, and contains skin-loving hyaluronic acid for a juicy boost.


Price: $49.95

Get yourself a bag that can do it all! This ultra-nifty tote folds up to a handbag-sized pouch which unfolds to a carry-all when you need it for all your market buys, shopping hauls or grocery runs. It’s water-proof (see above for *spills), stain resistant and soft against your bare arms when walking along the beach. Notably, it also has a zipper which is essential for safety on your travels. Available in five holiday-ready designs, I couldn’t go past the tutti-fruity lemon pattern which just screamed Euro Summer to me. Above all, this saved me from buying extra luggage at LAX, and can confirm it passes the carry-on test.

Margot Mary-Jane Flats

Price: $171.00

If you agonise over the perfect chic-yet-comfortable walking shoe while you’re away, agonise no more: I’ve found them. VIVAIA’s eco-friendly Mary Janes effortlessly combine style and comfort, making them perfect for long days of sightseeing, sandcastle-building and samba’ing. Their square toe design and padded heel provides excellent support yet room for your feet to breathe (and swell up from all that walking), ensuring your feet remain comfortable all day. Once only available online, they now also have a pop-up store in Melbourne, so you can take them for a test-spin in real life too!

High Achiever Complexion Trio

Price: $22.00

If you’re looking to save space in your makeup bag without compromising on quality, pick this little trio up — it will not disappoint. Underrated Aussie beauty brand The KIND Collective have created the perfect travel-friendly complexion stack in three complimentary colourways, including pops of peach, strawberry stunners and bronzey goodness. Each stack contains a luminous powder for eyes and cheeks, pigmented cream for lips and cheeks and glossy balm for all over the face. Bonus? All their products are also PETA-accredited, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Don’t go away without it!

UA Unstoppable Jacket

Under Armour
Price: $150.00

Without fail, I always manage to get caught in the rain on holidays, and there’s never a pina colada in sight… Thankfully, this trip I packed this fail-safe jacket, which rolled right up in my handbag and protected me from drastic, sudden downpours. It’s super-light and stretchy, rain rolls right off it, has pockets galore and keeps you warm but not hot; basically, everything you want in a jacket for travelling. Available in four stunning colourways and generous sizing, you can’t go wrong with a classic black mac.

NATURALTECH Energizing Seasonal Superactive Hair Density Serum

Price: $109.95

My hair is a bit of a limp noodle: thin, fragile and thinning, which is exactly the opposite of every gorgeous being you pass on your Euro Summer travels. Naturally, I had to bring out the big guns to add some oomph to my lacklustre locks, and Davines Hair Density Serum was IT. Specifically designed to combat hair loss and thinning hair, It’s infused with natural, active ingredients that encourage healthy hair growth, and a solid scalp foundation. It also has a cooling sensation, which is optimal for scorching hot days in Majorca. An instant hair boost in a bottle!

Shelly Lsr Black Casual Flats

Jeffrey Campbell at Shoe Connection
Price: $299.95

As tempting as it may be to opt into the ‘holiday wardrobe’, it can leave you a bit red-faced when you return with a suitcase full of ‘holiday-only’ clothes and accessories. That’s why a versatile, reliable and comfortable pair of flats are the perfect accompaniment on a Euro Summer trip. This pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s ticks all the boxes: on-trend mesh look, secure strap, metal buckle and perforated leather for maximum ventilation. Pair them with your favourite evening dress, and pop on some stockings when you arrive back home for instant longevity through winter.


Polished London
Price: $69.95

You know those products you don’t know you need until you discover it? This is definitely one for all my fellow germaphobes. Upgrade your plastic toothbrush cover and witness the satisfaction of this UVC toothbrush steriliser. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in 3 minutes, meaning you can sleep easy after brushing your teeth. Foolproof and low-tech, just close it over your toothbrush head and it will work its magic. It also doubles as a sturdy case when not in use, and comes with a USB Charger for universal power-ups. Neat, hey!?

BLUNT Metro x kikki.K Umbrella

Price: $149.00

ICYMI, Kiki.K have teamed up with everyone’s fave umbrella manufactures, BLUNT, to bring you some of the most beautiful rain protectors you’ve ever seen. Sturdy and chic, these art-adorned accessories make for great handbag companions, and come with cover slips that actually fit your wet umbrella (are you picking up that liquids in bags was a recurring theme on my holiday?). In a bold claim, these stunning umbrellas also come with a 2-year warranty, so make sure you don’t leave it on the plane!

SPF 50+ Prep Moisturiser with Blue Light Defence

Price: $44.99

When we’re on holidays, our 7-step skincare routine is usually one of the first things to be downsized. That’s why this 3-in-1 product is a lifesaver, acting as a primer, moisturiser AND SPF, all in one handy bottle. With no greasy residue and a quick dry-down time, it sits perfectly under a BB cream or full face of foundation, and even has blue light protection for when you’re editing your holiday Reels by the pool. With hyaluronic acid and vegan squalene for all-day hydration, it’s hard to go past as an handbag essential. It’s even got packaging that looks like it’s on vacation.

Vibrate - personal vibrator

Below Body
Price: $119.00

Gone are the days of battery-operated vibes embarrassing us at the airport, so why is it still so taboo to travel with one? Below Body’s personal vibrator is a pleasure to travel with, thanks to its sleek, soft teardrop exterior and discreet shape. Both waterproof and velvety soft, it’s ideal for a private shower session or spicing things up between the sheets after a siesta. Best of all, it’s USB rechargeable for eco-friendly and hassle-free use all trip long. You could even recharge it at the airport if you’re feeling so bold… when in Rome!

Desert Island Staples

Price: $88.00

A dreamy trio for when you’re miles away from home, SANS CEUTICALS have developed your three-step skincare routine for Euro Summer travels. The kit—which contains a hair & face oil, cleansing oil and body and face lotion combines the potent duo of Vitamins A and E with pharmaceutical-grade botanical oils, as well as the rejuvenating power of niacinamide. An all-over-body treat, it makes maintaining your skincare routine while travelling an absolute delight. Skip the day spa and use this instead—your face will thank you.

Australian Lemon Myrtle and Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

The Grampians Goods Co.
Price: $35.00

Last—but by no means least—is this lush essential, which serves as an instant antibacterial reminder of home. Made with Australian grown lemon myrtle, and is certified laboratory tested to ensure it kills 99.99% of germs, which is exactly what you need when touching everything on your travels and exploring new territory. Unlike other hand sani’s that dry out your mitts, Grampians included aloe vera in the formulation, ensuring your hands will stay nice and hydrated after use. An unsung hero on any holiday.


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