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12 Of The Best Kitchen Essentials To Invest In

and some added inspiration to get you back into the kitchen

Like most, the past couple of years have seen us all turn to our kitchens for comfort teamed with completely irrational spending habits like a new kitchen appliance or two to complement our growing cooking skills.

Growing a repertoire of kitchen essentials is not something that happens overnight, just like a Balmain blazer that will cost you the majority of your paycheck – a Stand Mixer and a Japanese knife are investment pieces well worth their weight in gold. Similar to essential wardrobe pieces, kitchen appliances will last a lifetime and for some, become kitchen heirlooms.

Whether cooking is your jam, or you’re looking for some added inspiration to get you back into the kitchen, we’re here to help! Here’s our round-up of the top 12 products that will not only make your life a breeze in the kitchen but you’ll feel super luxe playing Masterchef.

Cast Iron Round Casserole

Le Creuset
Price: $580.00

Meet Bamboo, the new colourway by iconic kitchen brand Le Creuset. It’s a rich and vibrant colour that brings a joyful spirit to any table setting and will make every dish feel fresh and inviting. Bamboo launched as part of their latest Feel Good Food Campaign, which provides some “food for thought” on how to rethink diet and behaviour.

Shop Le Creuset here

Hitohira Hiragana | 185mm WS Santoku Knife

Price: $145.00

A good knife is a cornerstone for every meal and when it comes to levelling up your knife game you don’t need an entire knife set. Start with your main chef knife, one that will do 90% of the work for you. A good choice for a home cook is either a Santoku or a Gyuto knife.

Available from ProTooling


Price: $299.95

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat-loving foodie, we all need the right frying pan for every type of meal. This 24cm frying pan from Woll is not only a handy size for universal use but the best part is the handle comes off for ease.

Available from Woll

Ruffled Pie Dish

Price: $71.00

We’ve found the cutest pie dish! The ruffled edges and red hue brings a touch of luxury to everyday pie baking. This stylish dish is made from a highly resistant ceramic great for the oven, microwave and is even freezer-proof without losing its colour overtime.

Available from Amara

Artisan Stand Mixer Beetroot

Price: $999.00

Bring life back into your kitchen with KitchenAid’s 2022 colour of the year Stand Mixer. Say hello to the bold and luxurious new hue – beetroot. Inspired by the root vegetable, it’s the playful and attention-grabbing statement our kitchens didn’t know it needed.

Described as ‘the ultimate culinary companion’, use the stand mixer for cakes and batter or add on their range of accessories like a pasta roller and cutter attachment for Italian nights.

Available from KitchenAid

Tomato Cocotte

Price: $419.00

It’s the dish to pull out when you want to impress. Not only will it help cook a show-stopping dish, but it’s also a fabulous centrepiece for the table. The Tomato ‘Cocotte’ is one of Staub’s signature dishes great for baking, frying, stewing and sauteing. 

Available from Amazon

50s Retro Style Hand Blender

Price: $259.00

An essential hand blender we all need on hand in our kitchen repertoire. These 50’s retro blenders come in all your classic tones, however, we’re loving the pale blue.

Available from Smeg

Cast Iron Tatin Dish

Le Creuset
Price: $290.00

Raise your hand if you love a peach Tarte Tatin. It’s quintessentially French, and the dessert we’re seeing flood our Instagram feed. Bake your next Tarte Tatin with apples, peach, figs or go savoury with caramelised onion and tomato, just be sure to serve it in a Cast Iron Tartin Dish by Le Creuset for that added je ne sais quoi.

Avalaible from Le Creuset


Robert Gordon
Price: $34.95

From Robert Gordon’s Garden to table range, the range promises to inspire you to grow and enjoy your garden however big and small. Use this handmade pottery to pound garlic into a paste, smash ginger or chiles to infuse flavour, or grind whole spices into powders.

Available from Robert Gordon

Medium Spatula

Le Creuset
Price: $32.00

Okay, there’s a pattern here but we can’t help swooning over Le Creuset’s must-have range and this spatula from their Bamboo collection just brings joy. It’s the pop of colour we all welcome when we’re baking that next cake.

Available from Le Creuset

LIVING Chess Cutting Board

Price: $159.00

It’s the chess board-like pattern on this cutting board that makes it feel so special and professional. One that we’re proud to leave on show on our kitchen benchtops to step up our cutting and dicing game.

Shop Ferm here

Round Cocotte with Steamer

Price: $413.77

A practical and tasteful steamer to add to your kitchen cupboards. A steamer is ideal for healthier cooking from browning, slow cooking and steaming of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables.

Available from Amazon


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