En Route Culture - A Magical Way To Enjoy A Dessert Tipple

A Magical Way To Enjoy A Dessert Tipple

Celebrating Magic Hour with Magic Box Splendid Sparkling

Ever find yourself wondering how to elevate your dessert game? The idea of selecting any old boxed dessert from the frozen aisle just doesn’t seem to cut it on most occasions so it was this dilemma that led the way to the concept of a Sorbet Float, but with a twist.

Next time you have that girls night in pencilled in the calendar, try your hand at a dessert inspired tipple, the Sorbet Float, using Magic Box’s Splendid Sparkling. It’s the perfect blend of vivid citrus and delicate creamy, toasty tones, finished with a soft effervescence and bright bubble.


Photography: Lucy Alcorn


Magic Box’s Splendid Sparkling is a great way to enjoy a light, refreshing tipple to wrap up your next dinner party at home. 

With a fresh, soft lemon hue it charms your palate leaving a refreshed, creamy after taste from the light and bright bubbles. Its lightness allows for a great marriage between the bubbles and a lemon zesty sorbet, which wraps up a 3-course menu in expert style. 

It’s always Magic Hour somewhere so Pop, Sparkle, Sip and enjoy with family and friends.

Available in selected Independent Stores.


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