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A Magical Afternoon Soirée

Celebrating Magic Hour with Magic Box Wondrous Chardonnay

It was that time of day, shortly before sunset where everything is golden and I was inspired to try something a little different by shaking up my regular antipasto board paired with my default glass of red wine.

Instead, I held a mini soirée as the sun was setting with a glass of Chardonnay from Magic Box Wines

A special mention to my mouth-watering accompaniments being fresh, buttered bread and charred BBQ prawns brushed generously with garlic butter. Because why not?

Magic Box Chardonnay

Photography: Lucy Alcorn


The day come a lot sooner than expected where I found myself with a new found love for a glass of Chardonnay. If you sent me to Dan Murphy’s a week ago, I wouldn’t think to pick up a bottle of Chardonnay, but today, this would be my go-to white.

For the newcomers to the world of Chardonnay, then I suggest trying Magic Box’s Wondrous Chardonnay. Each sip you take is a delicious tropical musing, that has a distinctive buttery complexity and notes of vanilla oak (I sound like a sommelier?).

As the sun started setting, the girls and I sat around the outdoor lounge barbequing skewered prawns over a charcoal flame on a mini Hibachi grill. The perfect end to a perfect Magic Hour.  

Available in BWS, Dan Murphy’s and selected Independent Stores.

enroute bbq prawn recipe


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