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Puffer Jacket Season Is Back

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And just like that, it was cold.

Seemingly overnight it feels and as always I am unprepared for winter, however, this never dims my excitement for wanting to wrap-up warm. This season, I plan on doing so with a rotating number of Puffer Jackets

The humble puffer jacket has long been a staple for most of us, but for the 2020 winter season, it seems they are hotter than ever, offering a unique combination of lightness and warmth. Worn right they can also offer a certain polish to your look — think belted or fitted around the waist.

Below we’ve rounded up enough Puffer Jacket options to keep a small army warm. Shop yours below. 


vegan leather puffer


PALOMA cropped puffer


Hooded Down Jacket


Quilted Puffer


long puffer


Black Puffer Down Jacket

Beyond Her

Black Puffer

Cools Club

Cropped Puff Club Jacket

adidas Originals by Alexander Wang


Cotton On

Black Puffer



Feeling like black isn’t fluffing your puffer this season?

Go for colour — in fact, be bold with it. I know it’s hard as we often default to black as if it were muscle memory, but now perhaps is the colour spectrums time to shine. 


All about eve

Amber Puffa Jacket

Cools Club

Cropped Puff Club Jacket


Pink Cropped Puffer


Yellow Puffer Jacket

Nude Lucy

Tropher Puffer


Cocoon Jacket

Beyond Her

Corduroy Puffer Jacket

Alexandra Wang

Puffer Jacket

Cotton On Body

Pink Puffer



Neutral tones more your thing? Well, lucky there is plenty of those to go around as well. 

Wear slightly different hues of the same colour (like white, ivory and beige or white, off-white) for a classy look which you can balance with darker accessories like boots. 


Elastic Detail Puffer

Country Road

Short Puffer Jacket


Padded Puffer Jacket


Quilted Jacket



Acne studios

Quilted Down Jacket


Down Jacket



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