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Rethink Your Minimal Makeup Routine With This One Product

One product, three ways

Gone are the days of heavy contouring, deeply bronzed cheeks and caked-on foundation. As makeup trends continuously evolve, there is one that will transcend season to season, that being the “no-makeup makeup” trend.

Skinimalism is all about letting your skin’s natural texture shine through while marrying skincare with your makeup for an effortlessly chic routine that’s more than just simple, but also sustainable. While the minimalist look is nothing new, we wanted to hero one of the hardest working products in your routine that transforms your face with very little effort.

For a flush of colour, making on-the-go application easier than ever before, enter: cream blush.

It’s a multipurpose gift from the make-up gods allowing you to use it up to 3-ways in your everyday routine. Apply directly to your lips, use as a blush and even as eyeshadow.

Here we share our favourite products below covering all options from creams to stains and tints.


Dew Tint

Flavedo & Albedo
Price: $44.00

Pigment: Medium | Texture: Cream | Shades: 3

This premium high performing beauty brand’s ethos is all about zero plastic packagings, having made the switch from plastic to highly recyclable aluminum. Flavedo & Albedo’s Dew Tint is easily blendable and buildable for a hydrating dewy finish.

Available at Flavedo & Albedo for $44.00


Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain

Benefit Cosmetics
Price: $33.00

Pigment: Medium-High | Texture: Liquid | Shades: 5

Benefit’s iconic rose-tinted lip stain was created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s and has since soared to cult-fave status. Buildable and extremely lightweight and quick to absorb leaving you with a natural glow.

Available at Adore Beauty for $33.00


Trinny London
Price: $40.00

Pigment: High | Texture: Cream | Shades: 20

Rethink your whole routine with a personalised cream-based makeup stack by Trinny London. From matte to dewy glow finishes, you’re bound to find your perfect shade.

Available from Trinny London for $40.00


RMS Beauty
Price: $55.00

Pigment: Sheer | Texture: Cream | Shades: 9

Offering non-toxic natural makeup and skincare, RMS’s Lip2Cheek pots are enriched with coconut oil and shea butter that melts effortlessly into your cheeks and lips, bonus points for hydrating.

Available at Mecca for $55.00

Cheeks Out

Price: $33.00

Pigment: Sheer | Texture: Cream | Shades: 10

Created by Rihanna to give life to all skin tones, Cheeks Out Cream Blush is a creamy buildable sheer blush that’s impossible to overdo. Bless your skin with this non-greasy, lightweight blush that melts into your skin for an instantly fresh face.

Available from Sephora for $33.00

Lip + Cheek Blush Mini

Milk Makeup
Price: $28.00

Pigment: Medium | Texture: Cream | Shades: 6

Born out of the creative hub in downtown NYC’s Milk Studios, Milk Makeup is known for being at the forefront of gender fluidity, self-expression and multi-use products. The mini Lip + Cheek Blush is a perfect handbag staple for on the go application to refresh your complexion throughout the day.

Available at Sephora for $28.00

Dewy Blush Cheek Tint

Ciaté London
Price: $33.00

Pigment: Sheer | Texture: Liquid Gel | Shades: 4

Infused with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Yuzu, and Dragon Fruit extract that enhances your skin’s radiance for a natural glow. Ciaté London’s Dewy Blush Tint gel-like formula gives a perfect soft hint of colour.

Available at Mecca for $33.00

Rose Gold 101 Ointment Balm + Tint for Lips and Cheeks

Price: $19.00

Pigment: Sheer | Texture: Balm | Shades: 1

The key ingredient is lanolin which deeply hydrates providing the same nourishing benefits you love from the original version, just enhanced with a red tint for a rosy finish. Impart a fresh dewy flushed look with a dash of shimmer.

Available at Sephora for $19.00

Perk Up Cheek & Lip Colour

Price: $18.00

Pigment: Medium | Texture: Cream | Shades: 5

For a buildable shimmery finish reach for the Perk Up Cheek & Lip Colour from Morphe. Available in 5 shades this creamy multi-tasking stick glides on smoothly for a quick refresh any time of day.

Available at Morphe for $18.00

Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

Westman Atelier
Price: $73.00

Pigment: Sheer-Medium | Texture: Cream | Shades: 5

Encased in a lavish dove grey tube, the velvety-smooth blush sticks glide seamlessly for just the right amount of pigment for a pop of colour. Enriched with skin-loving Jojoba Oil to provide essential moisture, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

Available at Mecca for $73.00

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

Makeup: Verity G


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