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Can A Skin DNA Test Really Determine Your Best Skincare Regime?

Discover your genetic code for the skin of your dreams

You’ve heard of prescription skincare, but have you heard about a genetic DNA test to determine your inherited gene weaknesses for a personalised skincare regime? Sounds pretty farfetched, right? Think again because the technology has been around since 2008.

Your DNA holds all the secrets for your best skin yet, by identifying your gene weaknesses you can not only protect the weakest categories but finally fix those issues you thought you didn’t have control over.

What can The Test tell you?


The test can flag issues from glycation, pigmentation, collagen breakdown to your skin’s sensitivity. The test is broken down into five categories with recommendations for the weaker genes divided into topical treatments, international supplements and professional treatments. We can’t change our genetic structure, so there is no need to take the test again, ever.

Category One: Collagen Breakdown

Your genetic predisposition determines the speed of collagen production and breakdown. Meaning you can find out if you’ll experience premature sagging!

Category Two: Wrinkling/Glycation

How your body processes sugar can be inherited and is in part determined by your genes. Glycation is when excess glucose links to your skins collagen and elastin fibres, this leads to skin laxity and other ageing traits, think fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

Category Three: Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Your genes are equipped with natural protection from UV rays and play a role in determining how well your skin can naturally repair itself. The test determines your melanin production, photo defence and UV repair.

Category Four: Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to our skin on a cellular level leading to excessive dryness, excessive oiliness, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion. Our bodies natural defence against free radicals is our production of antioxidants, the higher the ability to produce antioxidants the greater we’re protected from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Category Five: Skin Sensitivity

Your bodies first reaction to counteracting foreign substances like toxins and allergins is inflammation. Your bodies natural ability to produce inflammatory proteins and naturally detox can determine how your body reacts or overreacts to perfumed products, active ingredients and general pollution.

SkinDNA Genetic Test Results

Example collagen breakdown result

the skincare regime


Depending on how you scored from the above categories, low risk to high risk, a scientifically selected list of topical and ingestible recommendations even professional treatments are provided.

All recommendations are generic and don’t point to any one brand, rather you can take the list of recommendations and tailor your new skincare regime how you see fit. I decided to tailor my routine based on the recommended list of ingredients from the categories I scored high risk.

SkinDNA Genetic Test Recommendations

Example high risk collagen breakdown recommendation



More than ever before people are educating themselves on what they put in their body and on their skin. Think Keto diets and Veganism, while these diets don’t work for everybody is the exact reason why we shouldn’t be taking a one-size-fits all approach – so why should this differ when it comes to our complexion?

The products that cleared your friend’s acne may not yield the same results for you which is why Skin DNA testing makes so much sense. All it takes is a simple swab inside your cheek and in four days you can expect your results.

Purchase a SkinDNA® Genetic Test here.



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