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The Ancient Art & History Behind The Gua Sha

It's way more than just a stone

You’d be hard-pressed not to have heard about one of the hottest self-care beauty tools on the market, this being the Gua Sha. 

The ancient practice of the Gua Sha—pronounced GWA-SHAH—comes from the Chinese word for ‘scraping’ and its practice can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Originally used to relieve muscle tension and pain, “It is a massage technique relieving congestion and anti-pain convenient for the treatment of acute and chronic disorders, with the literal goal to scrape away illness,” explains Iris Smit, Founder and CEO of Beauty Fridge.

This ancient Chinese practice still exists, but today in the beauty world, it is used to “Relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.”



First and foremost, always use it on clean skin. I like to use mine first thing in the morning in a hot shower if time permits, otherwise I use it with oil at the end of the evening.

Upon first Googling Gua Sha, you may come across beet red necks and backs, and that type of pressure is best left with the ancient practitioners.

On our face, Kellie Collis, Founder of SALT BY HENDRIX, recommends a much more “Gentle approach, moving in an upward direction on the neck and an outwards and upwards direction on the face. It is great to assist with blood flow, pushing toxins towards the lymphatic system, providing a relaxing facial massage.”

An important point not to be missed is to never “Neglect your neck,” adds Iris, Beauty Fridge.

“Massage the gua sha tool from one ear to another and around the base of the skull to stimulate the muscle that connects the back of your head to the wrinkles in your forehead.”



SALT BY HENDRIX’S Magic Mushroom is another form of a Gua Sha with a rounded shape designed for a more gentle massage, specifically to combat puffiness and fluid retention for and around the eyes. 


Magic Mushroom Soother Set

Price: $$49.95

The Magic Mushroom Soother Set “Make a powerful pair; the coolness of the stones is soothing and together they gently massage out fluid retention,” explains Kellie.

HOW TO USE: Start at the inner points of the eye and gently press (no dragging) in an outwards direction, leaving the mushroom in position for a few seconds so you can enjoy the coolness.



The roller is a great starting point for beginners using a Gua Sha as they are “Straight forward and simple to use,” tells Iris, Beauty Fridge. 

While a facial roller is more soothing and easier to use, the Gua Sha works a lot deeper and can be much more powerful when used correctly.

Spiked Roller & Smooth Roller

Price: $$35.00

Both the spiked roller and smooth roller can be used to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation. While the spiked roller provides a “Stronger stimulation to aid with lymphatic drainage and collagen production compared to smooth rollers,” explains Iris, Beauty Fridge.

how to use a face roller

Image credit: Beauty Fridge

STEP 1: Keep the pressure light and comfortable on your skin and roll out horizontally from your chin to your hairline

STEP 2: From the corner of your nose, roll up towards your ears 

STEP 3: Place the small end of your rose quartz roller in the inner corner of your eye and roll out towards your temples

STEP 4: Flip your roller again and use the wider end to roll downwards from your eyebrows to your temples

STEP 5: Roll upwards from your eyebrows, moving across your forehead, towards your hairline

STEP 6: Finally, roll out horizontally from the middle of your temples for a relaxing end to your pampering/rolling session

TIP: Take your rolling session to the next level by pairing it up with your favourite skincare product or a sheet mask underneath. Chilled products are highly recommended for optimum results. 

Want to depuff and add a little self-care into your beauty routine? Shop all mentioned products below.




Beauty Fridge Rose Quartz Roller
Beauty Fridge

Rose Quartz Roller

Beauty Fridge

Spiked Jade Roller

Beauty Fridge Gua Sha
Beauty Fridge

Gua Sha

SALT BY HENDRIX Rising Sun Gua Sha

Rising Sun Gua Sha

SALT BY HENDRIX Magic Mushroom Soother Set

Magic Mushroom Soother Set

SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller

Jade Face Roller

SALT BY HENDRIX Textured Face Roller

Textured Face Roller



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